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What About the Kardashians Christmas Card This Year?

by Elsa Stringer

The Kardashian family always loves to celebrate Christmas holidays uniquely, and one of the things that are traditional about them is the famous Christmas card of the whole family. It is something that has become their family tradition and fans of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show are eagerly awaiting this year’s card, which has not yet posted.

Every year cards are published at the same time, but this year this is not the case.

Fans are inquiring on Twitter when the cards will be out and why it has not yet been posted.

What we forget is that the Kardashian sisters have grown up and had babies, their schedule has changed a lot and it is now much harder for them to fit their schedules and organize photoshoot.
There is no official announcement yet whether there will be a card this year, but that does not stop fans from asking questions on Twitter.

”Since it’s December 1st is it a good time to ask if there will be any form of Christmas card this year,” one fan tweeted Khloe and Kim.

Fans do not have to despair because last year cards of the famous family were not planned, but they posted cards for their fans on Christmas Eve.

Kim also told one magazine she would surely make one card but maybe not with the whole family.

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”I think this Christmas card will be just my family, like me, Kanye, and the kids because it’s a lot to wrangle everybody,” explained Kim for one magazine.

We’re not sure fans will be pleased to see only a part of the Kardashian clan on Christmas card.