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Top 10 Movie Characters That Simply Won’t Die

by Nebojša Vujinović

Movies are one of the top ways to be entertained when you feel like it. It is easy to get lost in the imaginary world that films provide. Most people are often attached to the protagonists and want them to reach the end goal. Actors who play lead roles often need to overcome various obstacles in order to end up victorious and in most cases they succeed. This is fin as it’s what we want.

But, in some movies, the obstacles pout before our heroes are just too much, and yet they go through, and sometimes with ease. This can be fun sometimes, but in cases, we’re going to talk about below, the actors and directors just went too far. Some of these movies are just too much to digest. Be patient and check out our list of top 10 movie characters that simply won’t die.

John Wick

This is a new character, with the first John Wick coming out in 2014. In the last seven years, John was on a revenge tour killing hundreds. Yes, he gets injured at times, but his enemies are always on the short end of things. With three films behind him and another one in the works, Mr. Wick simply refuses to die. Yes, he’s the best assassin in the JW universe, but the way he avoids death is over the top.

Source: imdb.com

James Bond

We’re not going to spoil the latest edition of 007 to you, so let’s say he’s practically immortal. It is that type of character. With the destiny of the whole world in his hand and pinned against some of the world’s most dangerous people, Bond always wins. He’s trained, he’s sexy, he’s dangerous, and he always walks away unscratched.

Source: parade.com

The Bride (Kill Bill)

Quentin Tarantino loves characters such as The Bride. People with a vengeance are his favorite, and with a weapon in their hands, Tarantino’s heroes rarely die. Uma Thurman is no different, and with two Kill Bill movies behind her, her hit list is way too long for her to be unharmed, but she is, and that’s not going to change.

Source: thecourier.com.au

Etan Hunt

Etan Hunt can give James Bond a run for his money. Tom Cruise brought this character to life, and behind his star power, a franchise was born. Etan Hunt is not just a strong character in the film, Cruise made sure that’s he’s tough in real life. As you probably know, Tom is in charge of all stunts on the set of Mission Impossible films. During the years there were six MI films, and they’ll still keep coming as Etan Hunt refuses to die.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Jack Sparrow

Seas are a dangerous place in The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but Captain Jack still manages to walk from any trouble. He was cursed, he was hunted, and yet he’s still here. We could argue that Johnny Depp killed the character with his legal issues, but on screen, Sparrow can’t be harmed.

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Ellen Ripley

This is an interesting one. Sigourney Weaver plays the titular character, and she gets into a lot of trouble. The way she manages to survive in any of these movies is a wonder on its own. Compared to all the characters above she faces fewer enemies, but bigger and more vicious. You, the interstellar galactic killers that Aliens are, are more dangerous than John Wicks enemies, and yet Ellen survives.

Source: screenrant.com

Boris The Bullet Dodger

Why do they call him The Bullet Dodger? Because he dodges bullets. Snatch is a masterpiece that combines a couple of stories into one major plot, and it funnily does this. Many people lose their lives during this film, but Boris isn’t one despite the fact he’s been on the end of many misfortunes. Yes, you could argue that he’s been whacked, but we would argue that he’s still well and alive.

Source: mattsmoviereviews.net

Victor Kershaw

Kershaw is the antagonist in this piece, as he’s on the back end of a kidnapping attempt gone wrong. In Pain&Gain he gets into a lot of trouble when two bodybuilders hungry for attention and money take him for a ride of his life. Many things go wrong and he is put in a lot of pain both intentionally and unintentionally, but he manages to come out of it alive. Yes, for him we can’t say he was unharmed, but in the end, he manages to live through what was a bad situation all around.

Source: imagoi.com

The Wet Bandits

These two are painful to watch. In the Home Alone franchise, they’re the bad guys, but the plot of the whole franchise is to have them in pain while they’re trying to score spoils. In their way stands the popular Kevin, who puts the pair in a lot of pain. Somehow they manage to survive, but it is hard to watch how they suffer. In what is regarded as a comedy, it is truly a horror watching The Wet Bandits go through the whole film in the hands of young Macaulay Culkin.

Source: cornwalllive.com

Chev Chelios

Crank is an action flick for eternity. Movies like these made Jason Statham the action star he is today. In this film, Chev Chelios is poisoned with a drug that makes him crave adrenaline to survive. So, all the movies in this franchise are fast-paced and are following the protagonist from one deadly situation to another. In this case, it truly is a wonder how he manages to survive as in addition to looking for trouble he’s also dying from the poison.

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