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Tips For Losing Weight This Summer You Can Actually Use!

by Dangula Bingula

For many of us, this time of year is very exciting as we have the refined pleasure of saying goodbye to winter and hello to summer! That also means saying goodbye to the winter wardrobe and brining on the beach wear and exposing a lot more skin.

We all want to look our best, and depending on how hard you worked over the winter, you may or may be truly ready for summer, even though it’s practically here!

Check out these easy to do tips that can help you lose weight in a healthy and long term way. By changing daily patterns in your life you can do more than just lose weight, but feel more alert and be on your A game. Routine is a crucial part of getting in shape, and the first step on our list.

Get into a Routine


Setting your life around a schedule is very important both physically and psychologically. It all begins with making sure you take care of yourself and set yourself up for the success tomorrow by making sure you take care of yourself today!

Making sure you get enough sleep every night is really important, and it’s worth it to learn about ways to improve your quality of sleep and understand your personal habits (hint hint those who snore).

Reduce, But Enjoy


It’s hard for anyone trying to lose weight to do so in the summer. With all the fun activities and tempting of ice cream in the sun, it’s not realistic to say “I’m going to avoid ALL sugar” and then drive yourself crazy for 3 days until you crack. Reducing your overall consumption in meals and drinks can be an easy way to cut back, without sacrificing everything or feeling like you’re missing out. One shot of vodka is 110 calories and when you add in some late night food, you’re taking in a lot of calories, fun as they were.

By reducing, but enjoying, you can get the best of both worlds.

See a Personal Trainer (At Least Once or Twice)

Fit young woman doing stretching exercises with the help of a personal trainer in park. Coach holding leg of female.

Along the lines of making regular routines, seeing a personal trainer can be a huge step towards losing weight and being more active. Let’s be real, paying $50 a month for a gym isn’t exactly inspiration and it’s easy to avoid it.

When you make an appointment with someone to go and work out, you become accountable and the push you need may be found in the financial incentive. For those who are serious about getting in shape, click here to see what a personal trainer can do to help you get there! Even a couple of professional sessions can help you understand how to maximize your workout efforts so that you ultimately get results quicker.

Spend More Time Outside

Do you like long walks on the beach, or late-night strolls through the downtown core? No matter what you’re into, getting outside and getting some exercise is always a great idea.

Thankfully, summer is here and there is no better time to make this happen. No matter where you live, getting outside and taking the time to enjoy the scenery is time well spent, and you’re going to be contributing to your weight loss goals. You are what you eat, but how you feel is greatly affected by your level of activity. There are many benefits of spending time outside, and best of all it cost a dime!

These 4 tips are easy enough that anyone can follow but deep enough in options that they can lead to serious results. Spending time outside can mean long walks in the park, or it can mean a 2 KM run.

Challenge yourself to make these easy changes and you start seeing results before you know it!