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One Thing That Connects Barron Trump and John F. Kennedy!

by Sinisav

Barron Trump is the youngest son of US President Donald Trump. Besides, he’s Trump’s only child that lives with him in the White House. This is the first time since John F. Kennedy that a young boy lives in the WH.

Barron is Donald’s fifth child, but he’s his only child from the marriage with the First Lady Melania Trump. Before Trump, we had Presidents who only had female children in the form of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Lyndon B Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.

Barron Trump

Source: express.co.uk

Presidents who were in the White House in between them are Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. They had sons, but all of them were adults, and none of them resided in the White House.

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So, today we have Barron Trump as the first boy in the White House after John F. Kennedy’s son in 1963. But, Barron didn’t move in the White House the moment his father took office. Instead, he and his mother Melania Trump remained in New York until the moment he finished school in NYC.

Barron has the same privilege as his parents and was allowed to decorate his room in the White House to his desires. Barron was allowed to do this, but so far, reporters weren’t allowed to his room.

Staying in the White House is quite easy as it is equipped with a bowling alley, basketball court, jogging track, and a cinema, among other things. But, for Barron, it wasn’t easy to transfer from Trump Tower to the White House. It would seem that in the Trump Tower, Barron had an entire floor only to himself.

So as you can see, Barron Trump is a special little boy in more ways than one. He’s not only the son of a United States President. He’s the first boy in the White House in half a decade.

Source: express.co.uk