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The Reason Why Melania Doesn’t go to Barron’s Sports Games Revealed

by Sinisav

NICKI SWIFT – 03/23/2020: Barron Trump is not an ordinary kid. Of course, he’s not. The son of President Donald Trump, a real estate billionaire, and Melania Trump, a former supermodel, can’t be that. But, his mother, the First Lady, tries to make at least some things in his life feel ordinary as he was a regular kid.

Like every other mother, Melania, when she can, wants for Barron to be like any other fourteen years old. This is the main reason she does not appear at his basketball practices and games. The reason why she does this is to be sure that attention is not directed to her and that Barron can focus on the sport.

Barron Trump

Source: businessinsider.com

During an interview with ABC News back in 2018, the former supermodel said: “I don’t go much. He likes to be one of the boys when they play. … It’s his life too, and I respect that.”

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Parents would typically show support to their kids by showing up at their games, but this is not the case with the Trump family. Seeing Donald Trump at a junior league basketball game would, without a doubt, leave the game in his shadow.

This is a nice gesture from Melania to her son, considering that Barron is going through many changes in recent years. First, he moved from New York to Washington, left his old school, and went from Trump Tower to White House.

In recent weeks, Barron is spending all of his time in the White House, due to coronavirus. Because of COVID-19, he had to spend his fourteenth birthday self-quarantined. To make things even worse, his father, President Donald Trump, even forgot to congratulate him. At least on social media.

Unlike POTUS, the First Lady took time from her busy schedule and shared a B-day card with Barron on her official Twitter account.

Source: nickiswift.com