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Bill Gates Predicted Coronavirus-like Pandemic!

by Sinisav

Coronavirus spread across the world like a wildfire, and now this disease is present on all continents, minus Antarctica. Who could’ve guessed that this is going to happen? You will probably say – no one. And you would be wrong. Bill Gates stated back in 2018 that a global pandemic could occur in a matter of years.

A few years back, the billionaire genius talked about our grim future. Again he said that a pandemic of global scale could bring death to over 30 million people. According to Gates, we need to be prepared and to have a strategy for situations like these, just like we’re in a war.

Bill Gates

Source: gatesnotes.com

During a 2018 conference, organized by Massachusetts Medical Society, Microsoft founder stated his fears of biological diseases. A disease, as he described, started to spread from a Chinese city of Wuhan. From there, it went to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, only to reach Europe and, consequently, the United States.

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Talking about pandemics, Bill gates said: “The world needs to prepare for pandemics the way the military prepares for war. This includes simulations and other preparedness exercises so we can better understand how diseases will spread and how to deal with things like quarantine and communications to minimize panic.”

Gates was ignored back then, as we can see from the situation we have today. It was hard to predict that the events he described will unfold in a couple of years. But, they did. The billionaire philanthropist added: In the case of biological threats, the sense of urgency is lacking. The world needs to prepare for pandemics in the same serious way it prepares for war.”

Bill Gates’s words now sound like a prophecy, but we wouldn’t be in this situation if there weren’t miscalculations of how dangerous coronavirus is. But, now it’s here, and we do our best and listen to experts.

Source: dailystar.co.uk