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Are Rumors That Pope Benedict Plots Downfall of Pope Francis True?

by Sinisav

It would seem that Pope Francis is not safe in his position. According to a Vatican expert, Pope Benedict is planning to take Pope Francis out of his place as the head of the catholic church. The reason is that Francis pushed too hard to modernize the church and bring necessary changes to it.

Many people close to the situation claim that Benedict is the one who wants to name his successor and make the church more traditional as it used to be. Francis pushed for some modern ideas, such as the use of contraception without prejudice. The first who brought this idea to the Catholic church was late Pope John Paul I.

Pope Benedict

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According to an expert Lynda Telford, who is the author of the book named ‘Women in the Vatican: Female Power in a Male World,’ Pope Benedict wants to bring back the traditionalism in the Vatican as the idea mentioned above is to modern for the catholic church.

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John Paul I was the one who wanted this change to come to the Vatican after seeing the issues surrounding the subject. Pope Francis was unable to bring these changes to the catholic church, and this is something that Pope Benedict wants to remain that way.

According to Pope Benedict’s sister Ms. Telford, he is against these changes: ”I’m afraid that Pope Benedict is rather an opponent of any change. He is a very strong traditionalist, and in the Vatican, there are far too many of them, these backward-looking traditionalists who don’t want any kind of change.”

As you can see, the two popes aren’t on the same page regarding this vital subject. This change wouldn’t even be considered if Pope Benedict didn’t resign from his position as Pope seven years ago due to poor health and growing pressure the position brings with itself.

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