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These 7 Thriller Series Will Blow Your Mind if You Liked Squid Game

by Nebojša Vujinović

If you love to get addicted to TV shows, brace yourself as we have seven of them for you. By now you probably watched Squid Game. Who hasn’t? This Korean flick turned the world upside down and quickly became one of the best series Netflix ever produced. But, now the wait for the second season started, and you need something else to pass your time. Fear not, as we got you covered. Check out these seven thriller series that will blow your mind if you liked Squid Game.

Alice in Borderland

This is another Netflix product. Many people argue that it needs to be seen immediately after the Squid Game. The one difference is that this piece is from Japan. It follows a teenager who is obsessed with video games and finds himself in an alternate version of Tokyo. Just like in the Squid game many contestants fight for their lives.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is already one year old, but it’s still must-watch TV. It follows a group of people who are trapped together in a building, where they need to battle powerful enemies. The horror of this story is that they eventually need to fight each other.


If coronavirus wasn’t your thing, you should avoid this one. It is set in a world that is in lockdown, with an ongoing zombie apocalypse happening. The main character is left home alone, but without comic relief. Instead, he needs to follow instructions given to him by his parents in order to survive.

Sense 8

A classic thriller that follows eight persons with no apparent connections, tied with a mysterious power. What they do share is a dreadful vision, and their mission is to prevent it from happening. Their survival is on the line, together with many other people.

Extra Curricular

Another amazing story coming to us from the far east. This one is centered around a high school boy who is an exemplary person and student but also introduced to the world of crime. Once one of his classmates noticed something extraordinary the story starts to get complicated.

Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil is a stunning horror story focused on two detectives whose job is to find a serial killer. The story occurs in the city of Manyang, which with its atmosphere is perfect for crimes of this magnitude.

Strangers from Hell

If you know what is a webtoon, you know about this show. If not, you need to get introduced. The story follows a writer who excels in crimes stories based on fiction. In order to pursue his dream, he moves to Seoul. Once in the big city, strange things start to happen and trust as they’re not coincidences.