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The Top Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have a Spa Break as Soon as Possible  

by Ingeborg

When we mention spa breaks, most everyone thinks of a time of pampering, a time of luxurious comfort, and a time when they can forget and leave all their worries behind – even for just a while. And this is what spa breaks are all about – they’re a chance for you to rejuvenate yourself, body and mind, and it’s the perfect time to escape from your cares and just focus on getting the treatment you very well deserve.

But there are other benefits brought by a spa break which you may not even be aware of, either. If you’re still debating whether you should take a spa break in the near future, here are the top reasons why you should have a spa break as soon as possible.

It can enhance your heart health


Some experts say that setting aside a regular time for swimming can slow down the aging process by up to 30 percent, which then improves a person’s blood circulation, cardiovascular function, and muscle mass. Other experts in Rehabilitation Medicine have also suggested that even the mere act of sitting in a tub of hot water can aid someone’s health.

Once a person immerses himself or herself in the hot water, the water starts to exert pressure on the person’s body, and the cardiac volume can increase by nearly a third. In other words, this means that the heart can get a kind of ‘workout’ just by sitting in a tub of hot water.

It can relieve stress


Just the mere thought of being pampered and taken care of is already enough to relieve stress, but if you really want to get the full benefits of stress relief, there’s nothing like a spa break. Spa breaks often involve a nice, relaxing soak in a hot tub as well as a massage or two, and spa hotels and resorts have incredibly peaceful and relaxing atmospheres as well. But the de-stressing you can get from a spa break isn’t just great for your body – it can also work wonders for your mental and emotional well-being.

It can bring relief from muscle soreness or tension


Our daily routines can really affect our bodies in many different ways, as most of us know. At the end of the week, we are often tired and fatigued, and it’s normal for our muscles to feel sore and tense as well. Even if you aren’t an athlete, just the act of sitting in front of a computer or at your desk all day can give you a sore shoulder and back.

Muscles can easily become strained and stiff in the course of our work week, and this can leave us feeling tired and tense. But with a spa break, you can relieve your aching muscles and get rid of soreness or tension with the perfect massage and soak.

It can give you a better sleep


When we are constantly worried and stressed, whether it’s at work or at home, this can affect our sleep. We can end up tossing and turning through the night and wake up without feeling refreshed at all. If this happens regularly, then you will eventually feel tired and stressed and worn out.

But by spending a day in a beautiful spa resort or hotel with a restful environment such as Heythrop Park, you can expect nothing less than a great night of sleep, uninterrupted by any noise or disturbance. You can wake up in a leisurely way as well and will undoubtedly feel refreshed as soon as you open your eyes. Even a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep can work wonders for our physical bodies and our mental perspectives.