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Is It Safe To Use Cheap Menstrual Cups?

by Ingeborg

Women nowadays are already using menstrual cups as an alternative to regular sanitary pads and tampons. The excellent performance of this product is undeniable; that is why a lot of ladies are going crazy when it comes to buying these trendy products. Since this has a high demand in the market, several sellers and suppliers are now emerging.

For trusted brands like Daisy Cup, you can buy their products only on their website, which is daisymenstrualcup.com, but cheaper ones are also seeing a rise in the market. Some women tend to purchase these cheap or generic ones because they are only priced at extremely low prices such as $2 or $3 compared to the regular prices of branded menstrual cups, which is around $40 to $60.

The big question is, are they safe to use? These are very safe to use. In fact, most women consider using Daisy cups more than ordinary tampons and sanitary pads. For one, these are able to hold more liquid in them than tampons and pads. The capacity of most of this one can eliminate the need for changing it more often.

Since there’s a lot of products that are flooding the market, cheaply made are often spelled disaster for those who are using them. Sure you can save a lot of money on buying the cheaper ones but the risk it brings just isn’t worth it. For one, a cheap one can easily get busted and cause leaks which can be very difficult to deal with.

Below are important facts you should know about these cheap menstrual cups and why you should always buy the branded items.

Differentiate Cheap Menstrual Cups From Branded Menstrual Cups


A generic is tough to identify from the original, especially if you don’t usually buy it from the manufacturer’s website itself. It does look the same as the branded ones from the designs and its capacity.

However, the materials used with cheaper ones aren’t the same with branded ones. The only materials allowed by the FDA with the production of this product are high medical grade silicone and TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. Fake and cheap items are significant health threats right to most users because of the risk involved in using them.

Make sure that you’re using and buying a legit one from reliable sources. You can also buy these items at registered outlets such as pharmacies and legitimate suppliers. Don’t be deceived by the price, the safety of your private area isn’t worth a $2 price tag. Be smart in buying!

How Will You Know If It Is A Real Cup Or Generic?


To keep you away from danger, I listed all the guidelines you can check when buying it. You may consider these facts if you’re using a real one or a fake.

  1. A real and safe to use must have FDA certification. If you don’t see the brand that you are using now, go ahead and throw it!
  2. Real and safe can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. Don’t buy from anyone or anywhere that isn’t an authorized seller.
  3. A real cup has a price range of $25-30. If it’s unbelievably priced lower, say at $5 a piece, then you should start doubting its quality.
  4. Don’t trust a brand if you can’t search it online or if the brand doesn’t have a supported website where consumers can see the product information and reviews of its users.
  5. Discard any of these if you can smell a strong chemical odor from it. Also, throw away any of these that smell like burning rubber.

Do Cheap Menstrual Cups work as efficiently as Real Menstrual Cups?

Of course not! It may look almost the same from its design and shape but it is not a safe and real menstrual cup. You’re only worsening your experience by using an unknown product on your period. What’s worse, is that using cheaply made aren’t good and can become a health hazard in the long run.

Cheaply made can form strong odors that can be very unpleasant. These cheap products also wear out quicker than branded menstrual cups. Instead of focusing on the price of women’s sanitation products, always consider the quality and benefit that the product can give you.

Why is it Important to Buy Products that are FDA Approved?


The FDA is the agency in charge of certifying products if they are safe to use by the general public. They have strict guidelines and policies that make sure that all the brands pass the manufacturing standards. Beware of other generic brands because they will deceive you by claiming their products are FDA approved.

Again, you can verify it by going to the FDA approved cleared list. Look for the manufacturer’s website then find people who are already using it. If you cannot see anything at all then move on and go to legit brands.



For every woman out there, menstruation may be a monthly nightmare. Its hassles are the reason why many consumers are looking for the best menstrual products. These products help every woman to have a more comfortable experience during their period.

A good menstrual cup should have no leaks, time-saving from always changing regular pads, doesn’t make your private areas itchy, and most of all, these should always be comfortable. A feminine product should allow you to move comfortably no matter what type of menstrual flow you have.

Also, the most crucial factor to consider in buying a feminine product is if it’s safe to use. Don’t fall for cheap products where you think you might save a lot of money. As a consumer, your top priority is your safety or the safety of that person who will use the product.

Product pricing shouldn’t take priority over your health. Compared to spending thousands on medical bills, getting reliable branded products in the first place is much safer and cheap.