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Top Three Exercises To Fight Back Pain

by William Gist

Back pain is really common nowadays, especially amongst people that have a sedentary job and are not very physically active. There are other causes of it as well, but this one seems to be the most common, and it concerns a lot of people from different age groups. Back pain should be normal when a person older than fifty years old is experiencing it, but when young people are having it, that’s a little bit concerning.

Today we’re giving out free advice about treating back pain, and they all come in the form of really effective exercises that can be performed almost anywhere. So, if you happen to be someone that’s suffering back pain, feel free to continue reading until the end.

Few planks a day


A plank is an exercise that can be done almost anywhere, and it certainly helps a lot with the overall strengthening of your core and preventing back pain. There’s nothing complicated about doing a plank, and just by looking at a picture of how the exercise is done, you will be able to learn it. It doesn’t take a lot of practice to get the form right, and after you start improving at it, you will see really good benefits. Besides eliminating or preventing back pain, you might even start seeing your abs, which is always a great bonus.



Another calisthenics exercise that can be done almost everywhere. A lot of people think that this one works only your abdominal muscles, but that’s not true. Sit-Ups work your entire core and they are also really beneficial if you are experiencing back pain. A lot of physical therapists recommend this exercise if you are suffering post-back injury or anything similar, so feel free to check this if you want to learn more. And for additional information on calisthenics, click here.

Deadlifts (Equipment Needed)


This exercise is considered to be one of the best physical exercises that can be done, but unfortunately, it requires a little bit of equipment to perform it. Unlike the previous two examples, this one is a little bit more complicated, but also very effective. It works your entire body, but mostly your back and lower back areas, and once you strengthen your back from doing deadlifts, you will never experience pain again. It takes a little bit more time to learn how to do it properly, but once you get it right, you’ll just fall in love with it.

The most important thing about deadlifts is to start slowly and build up your form. After you perfect the movement, you can start adding more and more weights, which will eventually lead to getting a rock-solid back.



If you are not a fan of heavy exercises and lifting weights, performing daily stretches will also be helpful when it comes to eliminating back pain. There are many different movements that you can do now and then, or you can just join a yoga class and follow what your instructor does. Either way, if you stretch after every few hours, your back pain will be gone in just a week or so, so we encourage you to do it.