Home Marketing Social Proof Tool: The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Social Proof Tool: The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs It

by William Gist

Many startups and companies come across one question every day — how to gain the attention of their target audience and turn them into customers? You might have an amazing website, stellar products, and good marketing strategies but there’s no way to prove that to your potential customers. There’s one thing you need to know — potential buyers are always looking for reasons to purchase your products and services.

So, what is social proof?


In simple words, social proof is a landing page marketing technique in which you share reviews and activities of other people on your website to encourage visitors to purchase your products and services. You have to carefully plan the strategy such that website visitors only see the most effective and positive reviews and testimonials. Even giants like Amazon use social proofing by giving importance to reviews and ratings. It is just another example of you influence those around you with your actions and decisions.

Why does your business need a social proof tool?

With a social proof tool, you can do more. Build brand credibility the easy way, and ensure you have happier customers. You don’t have to worry about people landing at your web page, only to head back to a competitors’. Instead, you could build trust and make others think about what you’ve to offer. Here is what happens.


  1. It is more influential than saving money

A study by The Washington Post examined how social proofing helps in persuading customers. During the experiment, they told the test subjects to turn on the fan during the summers instead of turning off the air conditioner. They were divided into four groups and told them four different things

– they could save $54 per month

– they could prevent their ACs releasing 262 pounds of greenhouse gases

– it is a socially responsible thing to do

– 77 percent of the neighborhood is already doing it

The fourth group influenced the most number of people and brought about a positive change. Include it in your landing page strategy to make potential customers believe they are benefitting because others experienced the same.


  1. People influence other people with similar requirements

Every business targets a set of the target audience and the same kind of people will come to your website, so it is easy to influence them with reviews of your existing customers. Social proofing gives them the confidence that purchasing your products is the right thing to do.

It gives them the perception that they aren’t the only one with a particular need. It makes them feel accepted because they are doing something that people similar to them did. Find customers that truly represent your customer base and use them for influential storytelling.

  1. Captures the voice of your customers

No matter how much you emphasize the benefits of purchasing your products, nothing is going to convince them more than a review from your customer. They know that as a company you are here to sell products but a customer will only purchase if they find it useful. Mention reviews and testimonials of your customers in a story format because it sounds convincing.

For example, we use home remedies that our grandparents used. It is a small story in itself. It gives you a feeling that you are connected to them. Now, no one knows if they really used the remedy or not but because it was told in a story format, you remember and use it regularly.

  1. Builds a caring image of your business

When you engage in social proofing, you show that you care about your customers’ experience. When visitors on your website read that you provided good customer service, they will purchase from you even if they don’t need a particular at that moment. You can run a survey and ask them for feedback on customer service.

If you don’t get good reviews, you can work on it and run another round of the survey. Upload the improved reviews on your website to attract potential buyers.

  1. Builds company credibility

A social proof tool such as Trust Activity can help build overall company credibility because it shows that your products are selling and customers are happy with the quality and customer service. You can also feature reviews of your business from other websites to boost your credibility.


Invest in a social proof tool today and see your business grow.