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The Brother of Meghan Markle is Homeless

by Elsa Stringer

Thomas Markle, 53, is Meghan Markle’s stepbrother and he claims he has lost the roof over his head, his job, and many relationships and friendships because of his last name.


As he stays, his last name makes it hard for him to find a job, and his relation to the former Duchess of Sussex completely destroyed him.


“Being related to Meghan has destroyed me,” Thomas said when he had to move to her mother’s house in New Mexico after losing his home.


“I am homeless and I could have fallen of a bridge with a cardboard sign. She should have been more humane towards us.”

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Thomas does not support his sister’s wish to move to Canada, but he says that everything comes down to two young people in love who want to live their life.


“I think that a Royal title is one of the biggest possible accomplishments in life,” Thomas concluded.