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Sylvester Stallone Embraces His Natural Look and Stops Dying His Hair Black

by Tracy Finke

Sylvester Stallone, 73, boasted on his Instagram profile with his new styling, which he introduced in a completely relaxing address to fans while driving a car. He unveiled his natural gray hair and announced his mantra: “Keep punching.”

What surprised everyone was that the famous Rocky, or if you prefer him as Rambo, was entirely gray. Nevertheless, he received many compliments for his natural look, which evidently fits him well.

Image source: Instagram, variety.com

“Sometimes I wake up I feel like doing nothing. Just relaxing. Just very true. If anyone says different, they’re lying – it’s human nature. Then you roll over, get a little mad at yourself, and realize to get anywhere you’ve got to make a deposit in the goal bank. So, I’ll go back to my favorite phrase and do it!!”, Stallone captioned the video in which he pumped his fist.

So, he actually admitted that he accepts his natural appearance, gray hair, beard, and eyebrows. “Aren’t easy to live this long with the fame and power. Proud of you with the silver hair”, one of his fans replied.

“It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. I’ve fallen so many times, grateful to have those words to hang on to”, famous mixed martial artist Jon Bones Jones wrote in a comment.

Another fan wrote: “Wowww, you’ re even more charming with this look.”, and another added: “Stay grey, my friend, Stay grey #staygold.”

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Image source: Instagram

His followers agreed that he is an inspiration to many. “This sentence is so true…just thinking about all I went true…no doubt your iconic quote is forever stuck in my mind”, one of them wrote.

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Until recently, Stallone was dying his hair jet black that now has grown out. The famous actor finally has no problem with accepting his age mentally and physically.