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Check Out These Supermodels Without Makeup

by Elsa Stringer

Being a celebrity carries with itself the fact that one always has to appear in formal clothes, tidies up, looking like a million bucks. This is especially true for actresses and singers who always have their best clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup on, no matter the occasion.

However, when it comes to modeling, things go a step further. In this line of business, being pretty and having an incredibly body everyone is jealous of is the key to success. It is literally about the looks, and however superficial it may sound, it is what it is.

Because of this, people are used to seeing famous supermodels with makeup on while wearing stunning dresses, expensive outfits, bikinis, or lingerie, depending on the season and the type of the photo or video shoot.


With the most popular models, we know exactly what they look like because we tend to see them often. Still, this is usually with heavier makeup on because of what their job requires. When a supermodel appears without it, it is a scandal because more often than not they look vastly different.

Below is a list of famous models without makeup in no particular order, so you be the judge which one of them looks like a different person.

15. Adriana Lima


The former Victoria’s Secret model appeared in KIA Motors and Maybelline commercials. She is widely recognizable, even without any makeup. Her natural beauty is something else.

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14. Ashley Graham


She became popular thanks to her work in the plus size industry. Her beauty marks are somewhat less noticeable without makeup, but she is still a beauty without any.

13. Cara Delevingne

The supermodel is also an actress who has seen her fair share of transformation. However, no matter how much she wears, her characteristic look and thick eyebrows are always visible, meaning she hardly ever changes much.

12. Cindy Crawford


The legend of the beauty industry has been the top name in modeling for years, and is still among those who spring to mind when gorgeous models are in question. Her natural look is stunning, and the secret behind her longevity in the industry.

11. Emily Ratajkowski


She is one of the most sought after and desired models today, and the dream of many men. The Russian beauty appeared in music videos, “Sports Illustrated”, Fashion Weeks, and even in movies and shows. She does not scare away from makeup-free looks, and why should she?

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10. Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid has been among the top names in modeling, and her mother Yolanda and siblings Bella and Anwar are also models. Good looks run in the family, but she sometimes looks completely different without makeup.

9. Gisele Bündchen


This supermodel has been the highest-paid beauty in the whole world for years. She is one of the biggest name in the industry and has huge respect everywhere. Natural looks have always been a part of her career and she likes to appear without any glam looks or makeup.

8. Heidi Klum


Here is another major modeling name, and yet another symbol for longevity and natural beauty. Klum has had hundreds of looks, and her hair and makeup went through countless combinations. However, even without makeup she is beautiful.

7. Karlie Kloss


She took Klum’s spot on “Project Runway” and became widely famous around the globe after this. She is confident enough to often go outside without any makeup and in casual clothes. Not everyone recognizes her, but that is okay, since not everybody follows modeling.

6. Kate Moss


Modeling since she was 14, she is a symbol of the waif look, meaning she sports a fragile look. She has always had her own style and way of dressing and wearing makeup, which made her a modeling legend. She is easily noticeable without makeup, mostly because she has never worn much of it.

5. Kendall Jenner


Kardashian and Jenner sisters are infamous for their plastic surgeries, but it appears that Kendall is the least like her four sisters. She is the only full-time, runway model of the bunch, which is probably why she looks most like her younger self in old photos. Makeup or not, she is recognizable everywhere.

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4. Miranda Kerr


Another Victoria’s Secret Angel on the list, Kerr has her own line of skincare products. Maybe that is the secret behind her incredible skin and gorgeous beauty even with no makeup on? Whatever it may be, Miranda is one of the women of fascinating natural beauty.

3. Naomi Campbell


Naomi is a classic name in the modeling world, and she has been relevant for decades. She is easily recognizable wherever she appears, even without any products. Her natural facial features are enough for her to steal the show wherever she goes.

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


She worked for Burberry, Paige, Victoria’s Secret, and many others, and is one of the models who wear heavier makeup. This is why she might pass as different without it. Still, you can hardly be a model if you lack natural looks, and she has plenty.

1. Tyra Banks


Last but hardly the least, Tyra Banks is a well-known name for those who follow modeling. She proudly shared her makeup-free look, proving she looks more than a tad bit different from when she is working. Although it does not mean she is not beautiful, she can change her look considerably.

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