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Strategies To Know And Follow In Content Marketing For An Increased Traffic

by Dangula Bingula

If you are thinking about your marketing plan for your business to make it more effective and result driven then there are lots of ways to do it. The most commonly followed and effective one happens to be content marketing. If done correctly, it will prove to be the best marketing policy that will attract more and more traffic towards your business site. 

If you take the help of a professional content marketing expert you will be better off and get immense benefits and more desired results. You will be able to stay competitive and even beat the other companies in similar trades. 

  • The marketers of the modern times make the best use of the digital space and the social media platform to attract more visitors towards their site. This increases their chances of getting more business and encouraging their social media followers and community to visit their website.
  • The use of social media has increased significantly over the years for the benefits that it provides to the businesses. Now with the newer and more developed technology used, it is even more effective and easier than before to reach out to millions of users in an instant.

It practically is the best platform to convey a message or information about your product and share any views and comments on it. However, without a better content, nothing will be possible to achieve.


Use creative techniques

According to www.bigdropinc.com when you design the content for your marketing purpose and while planning digital strategy you will need to use more creative techniques, tools and software. With the development in information and technology it is easy and it enables you to make your site more creative, fresh and more responsive. 

It is important that you create content that will be mobile friendly, meaning it should fit in well within the small screens of the mobile devices. In order to make your site more responsive and useful you should make sure that your pages have:

  • Bold and attractive colors
  • More negative spaces
  • Bigger and real images
  • Clear and legible text fonts and much more.

Therefore, as a designer you will have to be up to date with the latest and newest trends that are followed in content creation for digital marketing. It will help you to create a content that is more relevant to the market, your product as well as the demands of your users. 


Tips for better and effective content creation

Designing a better and more effective content is the primary need in web design and the latest trends followed in it has made it more responsive as well. In today’s virtual marketing scenario you must cater to the needs of the search engines as well to ensure a higher rank and better SEO results. For this you will need to create content keeping a few specific and important things in mind such as:

  • Design With more grids
  • Easy to navigate features
  • Inclusion of more white and negative spaces and 
  • Create pages that are less cluttered and clean. 

In short, you should follow the minimalism concept in content creation using the best and most important materials in the pages. 

You must follow the guidelines for negative spacing not only in the content but also in your logo as well. You will need to forego the old and orthodox concept of filing up each page with lots of elements, often which are found to be unnecessary. 

The concept of negative spaces in designing has proved to be better and more productive for all business marketing efforts. It produces excellent results and eliminates the chances of filling it with fluffs. The users now know what to expect and where to find their desired information in a page. They now do not have to search a lot for the required stuff thereby making your site more responsive.


In order to make a better content, you should follow these specific steps as well.

  • Choice of color: In the olden times lots of colors, bold and vibrant both, were used in web design that looked the same and repetitive. As far as the latest trends followed in content creation, a few popular colors are used such as blue. There is no more use of the conventional dark theme like before. This enables the user to make a reference at any point of time due to the more use of colors that are calming, soothing and comfortable in appeal. Nowadays, people look for unpredictable yet interesting content that is both charming and informative as well. Anything that is too loud or bold will be summarily rejected by the users. 
  • Bigger is better: There is a lot of use of smartphones to access different websites and therefore you should focus on this aspect as well. You will seldom find a person using a desktop that has a large screen. They would rather use their laptops, tablets and a standard smartphone for that matter. That means it is necessary to make your content clearly visible and legible on these smaller screens. Therefore, you will need to up the size of the images and texts in your content by a couple of pixels to make it wider and taller just as any responsive website should have. 
  • Proper scaling: Sometimes, you may have to include some ideas from a print and use it in your content directly. For that matter you will need to scale things properly to get the desired effect. This will ensure that even a large matter fits in comfortably all types of screens, whether it is a desktop or mobile phone. You will need to pay attention to a lot of details and use proper software to fit the size. 


Lastly, images and texts are now found to be moving to make a website more dynamic and appealing. Including videos is a common thing in contents. However, when you incorporate these things in your content make sure that it does not use up a lot of space and take a lot of time to download. This will ensure that the users do not leave your website quickly.