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6 Tips in Starting a Competitive UI, UX Design Agency

by William Gist

Steps to Create the Best UX Agency

In this generation where technology has become more than just a trend but the actual heart of a company in order to be competitive, there is a demand for a User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design firms. If one has the knack for design and is tech-savvy, this might be something they will be interested in.

But first, one has to know what makes a great UX agency. Follow this site to learn more.

The heart of the UI and UX industry is creativity. A design agency will not prosper if the design is not good. But first, what is the difference between the UI and UX? To put it simply, the UI is the actual design or the concept presentation like graphic design. The UX, on the other hand, is the optimization of technology to create and make the design functional. For a design agency to succeed, the software development is just as important as the design work.


So here are the steps in creating a UI and UX agency:

Engage the most creative crew to make up your UX design agency

The success of every business depends a lot on the employees. When starting a design firm, an entrepreneur needs more than just a top-notch resume when it comes to hiring employees. The entrepreneur needs to get into the creative process of the individual and check out if they can deliver various designs on a deadline. A design agency has to be versatile because every client has a different need. Of course, there are other positions that a company needs to fill but the design team is going to be the most crucial.


Do your research on what makes UI design companies effective

There is a science to creativity. When it comes to business, the company does not just create what one loves. A design company should create things that sell. So as a digital agency start-up, it is imperative that the development team researches about the basic principles of UX and UI.

One of the basic things the team should know about is the psychology of colors. Know what colors attract the most attention and what mixes of colors make the most sense. There is also the notion of balance—a balance between words and photos, or a balance among the different elements covered in the overall design. Specifics also matter like the kind of font one uses in the design, as well as the size of the font. These ideas are basically related to aesthetics, which cover the essence of most UI design companies.


Trial and error: Test your product until you get it right

On the UX side of the structure, one needs to develop an application design that is easy to use because no matter how the population embraces technology, user-friendly designs are still the essence of service design. On that note, when creating the UX design structure, the team should brainstorm and then apply the strategies to create a centered design. When this is done, allow the team to scrutinize the design work and if possible, allow third-party constituents to experience and critique the application design. Getting it right will mean the success of the company.

Know the best location to open a UX agency

In the U.S., the known UX and UI hubs or the areas where software development and service design prosper are in Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. If one lives in any of these areas, then they should be ready for the competition. The clientele will be big, but the competition to get clients will also be stiff. But that is not always a bad thing. That just allows the designers to be more competitive and to be inspired to one-up their competitors. This also allows the company to be in the same creative realm with other user experience design firms.

On the other hand, not being in the said locations is also a good thing. As mentioned, UI and UX have become important factors in a competitive business. For some companies, especially those that specialize on website design or mobile app and other tech-based industry, these design factors have become a necessity. UX and UI design companies in those mentioned hubs are going to be expensive because of the demand and the location. A design firm outside the hub will be cheaper. Hiring onshore design firms have also become a trend among companies.


Continue learning about design in order be among the best user experience design firms

There is no limit to what one learns. Every member of the design team should have the opportunity to learn whenever they can—there are always training, seminars, and workshops around. Every member of the team should get a chance to attend a learning event and then spread the word among all the team members. Learning from different resources means developing flexible strategies and ideas. This will greatly help in the growth of every individual as well as the entire design team. And digging the web for more is always good as you may find a resource like this that has even more crucial information.

It is not just about the actual design, though, there are also design tools that are being upgraded almost every day. There is always new technology and software that are itching to be part of the design process. It will be for the advantage of the start-up to have its team members know about these things.

Be updated with the aesthetic and technical aspect of design

Read design articles every day—whether this design pertains to UI and UX or not. If it is just interior design, read it! There must be a general principle about design in that article that can be used in the digital agency. As the leader of the design firm, the employer or manager should be responsible for sending the team at least one design article every day as a reading material so that every team member will be well-versed in everything design related. This is another way of learning and it is actually free.

With a bag of creativity, decent technology, and loads of passion for design, anyone can be a UI and UX designer—a whole team of these creative individuals and a design agency can be formed.