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Stephen Colbert Calls Out Melania Trump on Late Show

by Sinisav

THE DAILY BEAST – 01/21/2020: Stephen Colbert, the host of the Late Show, didn’t hold back. He went all-in at Melania despite the fact that it’s Martin Luther Jr’s day. Melania wasn’t the only one under the attack as he previously joked how Tom Steyer bought his place on the democratic debate stage. Steyer is yet another billionaire who wants to be President. The only difference is that he’s not Republican.

Colbert started his show by congratulating Martin Luther King Jr’s day to all viewers. He stated that it’s a good day to celebrate because Luther King Jr left a beautiful message for all of us. He continued by pointing to one of Melania Trump’s tweets.

Stephen Colbert

Source: thedailybeast.com

Melania used her @FLOTUS profile to wish everyone a happy Martin Luther King Jr’s day and to honor a great civil rights hero. Colbert commented that it’s no wonder Melania shared a message about Luther King Jr. She can find herself in so many of his quotes, especially the one that talks about wanting to be ‘free at last.’

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The Late Show host was alluding to the fact that many media outlets are claiming that Melania is not happy being married to Donald Trump. We even wrote about the possibility that the pair will get divorced if Trump doesn’t get reelected.

Melania Trump also reminded her followers that in addition to being MLK day, it was also the anniversary of her husband’s inauguration. She shared a photo of her from that day with a description: ‘it is a great honor to serve the people of this incredible country.’

She found herself criticized by many people as they were quick to point out that she does nothing that could be described a serving the US people. It seems that the First Lady can’t please her followers these days. Every now and then she gets backslashes by Internet users for her posts.

Source: thedailybeast.com