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Here’s Another Big Difference Between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

by Sinisav

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – 01/20/2020: Every First Lady differs from another. The case is the same with Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Their husbands, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, are on the opposite sides of the political specter. Their ladies distant themselves in a different matter.

We are talking about the clothes they wear. It seems that the two ladies choose quite different fashion designers. Melania Trump mostly wears clothes branded by foreign designers. While Michelle Obama was the First Lady, she usually wore clothes made by American designers. She rarely appeared sporting Italian or French brands. Unlike her, Melania exclusively wears clothes by foreign makers.

Melania Trump

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During her reign as the First Lady of the United States, Melania was only once caught wearing US-designed creation. It was a Ralph Lauren dress. It came as a tradition that First Ladies wear American designers. But, Melania doesn’t act on this nonofficial tradition.

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In fact, it seems that she’s trying to do the opposite. According to Kate Bennett, who is the author of the book Free Melania, the current First Lady won’t even bother to try out US designers if they don’t already appeal to her.

Also, there is a political side to all of this, as it’s usually the case with Donald Trump. There are some designers who openly oppose the 45th US President. They stated that even if the First Lady wanted their clothes, they would not willingly dress her.

It is expected that Melania Trump will avoid wearing US clothes in the future. It would attract negative publicity if she wore a piece from someone who doesn’t support her husband. Ralph Lauren felt this when she wore his dress. Hashtag #BoycottRalphLauren started trending on Twitter because of the First Lady.

Because of all this, we can expect Melania sporting European designers in times to come.

Source: ibtimes.com