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Sienna Miller Is Looking for a Girlfriend for Bradley Cooper? Is This Really True?

by Elsa Stringer

A few days ago, news emerged in certain tabloids that famous actress Sienna Miller was trying to find a girlfriend for her fellow actor Bradley Cooper.

Is this really true? Well, it seems like a real story, but wait. We investigated the complete situation behind an article published by a tabloid who had previously written various untrue stories about Cooper. Can we trust them now? Keep reading to discover all the details about Sienna Miller’s attempt to find the right person and soulmate for Bradley. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


Who posted this news?

Believe it or not, this “valuable information” was published by OK!. Everyone who has ever read about this magazine knows that they often write false information and mislead fans. However, did they do it again? According to all the reliable information we have received, this alleged news is a complete fabrication. Still, there are certain facts, such as Bradley Cooper breaking up with model Irina Shayk. The couple split earlier this year, in June.


According to “trusted sources” of OK!, after a few months, Sienna Miller wants to find a new girlfriend for her friend and colleague. Specifically, Sienna tried to connect Bradley with certain popular artists (probably singers) and models to help Cooper find a soulmate. According to OK!, she decided to organize several events to bring Cooper and his potential girlfriend in the same place.


“He is going to be in London for work, and the plan is for her to host a lot of diners and parties so he can become totally immersed in her social circle.”

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This is supposed to happen in London and New York City. However, according to all other credible sources, Bradley Cooper will not be coming to London for work. All fans are probably aware that the filming of the new movie, Nightmare Alley, will begin in early 2024, so in a few months. This is a clear indication that the news was fake, published only to attract as many fans as possible.


However, we cannot say that nothing is true in their publication. Specifically, OK! the magazine was completely right when they said that Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper are good friends and had worked together on several projects (“American Sniper” in 2014 as well as “Burnt” in 2015). Unfortunately, the rest of the news is incorrect.

If you recall the previous articles about Bradley’s love life that OK! posted, you will realize that they have been falsely reporting before. Earlier this year, in March, OK! has announced that Bradley and Lady Gaga are about to get engaged. This of course was not true, and the actor and singer were again the main topic in another article of the same tabloid.


In addition, earlier this year in July, the tabloid announced that Bradley wanted Lady Gaga, who co-starred with him in the movie “A Star Is Born,” to announce that they were together and in love. Again, these were complete fabrications and as we can all conclude now, there was no romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley.

Easy, OK! has shown too many times that they cannot be trusted, so all the information and alleged breaking news they publish should be considered whether they are true or another bad attempt to reach a large number of readers.