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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bradley’s Cooper as A Single Dad

by Elsa Stringer

When Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk announced that they are getting a divorce in 2019, it came as a surprise for many. There were no rumors regarding the couple and the news came out of the blue. Even today, the reason for it is still unknown.

The divorce left Bradley in the role of a single dad. From what we gather, it seems that he is excelling at it and having the time of his life with his daughter Lea, born in 2015. Here are some interesting tidbits about how they spend their time together and what is Bradley like as a dad.

A Disney Dad


Bradley Cooper has become a fixture in Disneyland as much as Snow White. Not only he spends a lot of time there with his daughter Lea, but he seems to genuinely enjoy it as well.

Ban on Social Media


In a move that is completely out of character for the majority of Hollywood celebrities, Bradley Cooper has decided to keep social media out of his life. He doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account and the only pictures you can find online of him are the ones made by paparazzi. Bradley doesn’t want to share his private life with the public.

Lea is Priority Always

Regardless of how busy his professional life is, Bradley always makes sure that Lea comes first. His entire schedule is built around her needs. He even said that he is willing to miss work in order to spend more time with her.

Spending Time on Beach


The life of a Hollywood A-lister can be hectic at times. Even though, Bradley will manage to set aside time to spend a fun day at the beach with Lea every once and a while.

No Custody Agreement


The divorce of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk came as a shock to many. What was even more shocking was the fact that the couple ended their marriage without a formal custody agreement. Bradley and Irina decided that Lea deserves to spend as much time as possible with each of them. They both make sacrifices to accommodate the other parent and involve them in their plans.

Bradley’s Personal Life Is Personal


Bradley is not the one to brag with his personal life and likes to keep it as secret as possible. The details of his life rarely get out and he goes out of his way to make sure that his daughter’s privacy is as well protected as his own.

No Dirty Laundry


Usually, when a celebrity couple gets a divorce, the media is filled with all the nasty details and gossips about who did what to whom. Not so in case of Bradley and Irina’s divorce. Neither of them has made any public comments about the reasons for the divorce and their fans still don’t know what went wrong. This is an excellent way of avoiding having them and their daughter dragged through tabloids.

Bradley Doesn’t Like Hollywood Playdates


In an effort to provide a normal childhood for Lea, Bradley completely shuns playdates with the children of other Hollywood celebrities. Even the recent rumors of Bradley and Lea spending a day at Disneyland with Angelina and her kids were found to be untrue.

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First Rule of Parenting


Bradley doesn’t talk about parenting, period. His private life as Lea’s dad is off-limits to the media and they know it. Those who make a mistake and ask him about it are quickly taught a lesson.