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Sharon Stone Has Never Looked Better!

by Elsa Stringer

Legendary Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is 61 years old, but she has never looked better and proves that you can look as beautiful and elegant when over 60 as during any other decade of your life.


She proved once again that she has no plans of passing on her fashion crown to younger generations. Whenever she steps onto a red carpet, she shines with style and glamour. During her latest outing, she wore a shiny navy pantsuit with glittering stones throughout. All of the lights, eyes, and cameras were on her.

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She also wore a shiny golden cardigan and a pair of blueish sunglasses. The outfit highlighted her figure, and she showed everyone that you can be stylish and elegant no matter your age.

Her makeup and hair were perfect, as always, as many commented that she never looked younger. “She is like fine wine, better with age!” reads one comment.

Such a style is only reserved for women who are sure in themselves and are confident enough to wear it. Sharon Stone is a prime example to the rest of the ladies out there who are approaching their 60s. Fashion is for everyone and nobody should stop caring how they look because of age!