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Sharon Stone Blasts Meryl Streep As Being Overrated

by Mary McFarren

Hollywood stars avoid talking about each other’s talents and achievements, especially criticizing their work and/or awards. However, Sharon Stone was always known for being honest, sometimes even blunt, about the show business and the way women are put up against each other to compete. The latest interview Stone gave to “Everything Zoomer” went viral nudging the beehive and releasing the fury.

Source: Independent.co.uk

The question by journalist Johanna Schneller came up: “So when you finally got to work with Meryl Streep, you realized…” when Stone interrupted: “The way you structured the question is very much the answer to the question. The business was set up that we should all envy and admire Meryl because only Meryl got to be the good one. And everyone should compete against Meryl. I think Meryl is an amazingly wonderful woman and actress. But in my opinion, quite frankly, there are other actresses equally as talented as Meryl Streep. The whole Meryl Streep iconography is part of what Hollywood does to women … Viola Davis is every bit the actress Meryl Streep is. Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, for f***’s sake. But you say Meryl and everybody falls on the floor”.

Source: Insider

The 63-year old actress didn’t stop there. “I’m a much better villain than Meryl and I’m sure she’d say so. Meryl was not gonna be good in ‘Basic Instinct’ or in ‘Casino’. I would be better. And I know it. And she knows it. But we’re all set up to think that only Meryl is so amazing, that when you say her name, it must have been amazing for me to work with her. That phrasing has been taught. We’ve been taught that everybody doesn’t get a seat at the table. Once one is chosen, nobody else can get in there”.

It caused an uproar from the Meryl Streep fanbase and approval from the ones that are not so fiery about the subject. Many Hollywood stars raised their voice catching either for or against the actress.

Everyone picked up on the story that raised a lot of eyebrows – CNN, Huffington Post, E Online, TMZ, Daily Mail, and everyone else. Some of them recalled Viola Davis back in 2018 talking about being compared with Meryl Streep but not being equally compensated.

“I have a career that’s probably comparable to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver. They had the same path as me, and yet I am nowhere near them. Not as far as money, not as far as job opportunities — nowhere close to it. People say, ‘You’re a Black Meryl Streep. You are. And we love you. We love you. There is no one like you.’ OK, well if there’s no one like me, you think I’m that? You pay me what I’m worth. You give me what I’m worth”, Davis said.