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Selma Blair Spotted Walking With Her Boyfriend

by Elsa Stringer

American actress Selma Blair, 47, has recently received a new set of braces. These allowed her to walk after a lengthy period of struggle caused by multiple sclerosis.

Alongside her boyfriend, writer Ron Carlson, 73, she was spotted walking on the streets of Los Angeles, as they went for some coffee. The sneaky paparazzi also took some photos of them kissing through their surgical masks.


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The pair has been together for years, and Ron was by her side during her battle with the disease. Now, they can finally stroll around the city like a couple in love they are! For the whole duration of their walk, they held hands, hugged, smiled, and smooched.


The best thing to take out from this is how good and healthy Selma looked. She was cheerful and in good spirits, suggesting that most of her pain is gone. The new braces truly were a game-changer, just like she said they were.

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During their day out, she wore a silver and yellow tank top, black sweatpants, and a pair of flip-flops. Her boyfriend wore more formal clothes, including sneakers, jeans, and a long sleeve shirt. Both of them wore sunglasses, and Ron also put on an orange baseball cap.