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Selma Blair Is Walking Again Thanks To Special New Braces

by Elsa Stringer

Famous American actress Selma Blair, 47, is finally able to walk again after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis. She has received new braces, which she says are a game-changer for her.

About one year ago, the star actress was diagnosed with the disease. Ever since, she has been updating her fans on her situation, from whom she received nothing but support and best wishes.


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A recent photo of her showcased the bad shape she was in, and media outlets said she could not wait in line at the restaurant because of the immense pain. Her boyfriend did his best to help her, but the pain was simply too much.


Now, in a more recent Instagram update, she wrote that new braces came her way. They helped her walk easier and she is feeling much better now. Her speech also recovered, as she had lost it for a short time as a result of the terrible disease.

The posted a selfie video of herself walking towards a mirror with a smile on her face. The caption is length and full of gratitude and good energy:

“Insurance came through!!!! Thank you prosthetic and orthotic group for finding me such a game changer of walking support and energy return. Bouncy foot. Love it. I am giggly. I am turning from the waist with stability! @ottobockus_ca I am impressed. #practice. I pick up corrective patterns really easily, so I am especially happy to have support to rewire brain. This and @the_alinker_world have been invaluable.

#independence feels great. #carbonfiber #shoeinsertorthotic #afo #ottobock @entireworld sweats! Love them! #dontgiveup. Good things can be around the corner! @ottobockus_ca”


The video received over 1.1 million views, almost 7,000 comments, and more than 187,000 likes. Blair has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares content from her life.

Selma Blair had multiple sclerosis related symptoms for years, but she never took the serious. Then, she fell in front of her friend who immediately told her to have a checkup. First she thought it was a pinched nerve or something related to it, but the truth was sadly worse. It turned out she has had the disease for at least 15 years.