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Tori Spelling Who Grew Up in Luxury Struggling Financially

by Elsa Stringer

Actress Tori Spelling, 47, was born into one of the richest families in Hollywood. She became globally famous thanks to her role in the hit series “Beverly Hills.” Years later, her life took a turn and she is now struggling when finances are considered.

Her father is the famous TV producer Aaron Spelling. Young Tori spent her youth years in incredible luxury, growing up in the largest and most luxurious, 123-room villa in Los Angeles, which sits on more than 56,000 square meters. However, she has been in struggling to find her way and stay afloat financially.

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Happy Birthday to my Daddy… – My Dad, my teacher, my friend, and my HERO. I was my son Finn’s age in this picture with my Dad. I was such a Daddy’s girl and just adored this man beyond words. It makes me sad daily that my 5 kiddos will never know the kindest most gentle soul in the world, their Grandpa Aaron. He gave the best hugs. And, he would have adored and loved all of my babies and my brothers babies so much. We know he watches over them though. And, I know during this time of world crisis and sadness this creative genius would have been hard at work creating groundbreaking entertainment to help make people smile. As a producer his dream was to make television that could help take people’s minds off of their day to day lives and just completely unwind, be entertained, and smile. He did just that! And, he just loved making people happy. Today Daddy, we honor you and tell you how happy you made everyone and especially this little girl who will always strive to make your legacy live on! #prouddaughter #daddysgirl #happybirthday #aaronspelling

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She has had numerous scandals throughout her years of fame and was the queen of controversy. The tabloids loved writing about it. The role of Donna Martin in the teenage drama “Beverly Hills” earned her fame and thus came the troubles. Her father was the producer of the show, but she claims he had nothing to do with her getting the role.

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She auditioned for the role on Andrea, but Donna suited her better in the end. All 10 seasons of the show were immensely successful, earning Tori enough for her to separate from the family financially. When the show finally ended in 2010, Tori kept living the Hollywood life and soon thereafter experienced her first problems with money. However, she did not ask her father for help.

In a 2013 book “Spelling It Like It Is,” she wrote that she never hid the fact that she had been struggling back then. She had never known a life without luxury and could not let go of many things, even though she knew it was wrong. She would often move from one house to the next, losing millions in the process.

In addition, she never wanted to become a rich girl whose dad pays for everything, and revealed she would gladly go bankrupt before that happens. To get back on her feet, she accepted roles in “Scary Movie 2” and made-for-TV movies “A Carol Christmas,” “Family Plan,” and “Hush.”

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In 2004, she married actor Charlie Shanian, but they divorced in 2006. On the set of “Mind Over Murder,” she met her second and current husband Dean McDermott. They got married in 2006 and have been together since.

That same year, she lost her father. His net worth was estimated at $500 million, but her brother Randy and her only received $800,000 each. The rest went to their mother, with whom Tori had never been on good terms. She remembers a family lunch when her father told her she would be fine and that he took care of everything.

After giving birth to her first child, her financial trouble hit the all-time high. She and her husband have five children today. When American Express filed a $38,000 lawsuit against Tori, her mother revealed that she comes to her aid whenever she needs.

Tori did everything she could to make money, so she accepted the role of herself “So Notorious,” as well as in reality shows “Tori & Dean: Inn Love,” and “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings.” She also portrayed Donna in the remake of “Beverly Hills.”

Her latest financial hit came in the form of a $259,000 tax lawsuit by the State of California. In 2011, Tori and Dean sold their house to pay off the debt. In 2016, Dean barely escaped prison, after not paying alimony to his ex-wife.

Recently, they purchased a $3.7 million villa, but they still have large debts to pay. They both work on a new reality show now and have large contracts, so things are looking up once again. Dean and Tori say that all of the struggles made them closer and stronger, and that the 14 years of marriage made them fall for one another even more.