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Rules when building E-Mail Lists

by William Gist

When it comes to digital marketing and promotions, E-Mail list is probably one of the most important things that a digital marketing agency can have. Since we live in a world where everything is connected through the internet, and each one of us has a personal, virtual mailbox, called an E-Mail, it’s considered to be one of the most formal and efficient ways of contacting someone in these modern ages.

Having someone’s E-Mail is often times compared to having someone’s phone number, so digital marketers really value their E-Mail lists which are the result of collecting and hard work for many years. However, just like we tend to block the phone number of someone that’s annoying or texting us something that we’re entirely not interested in, the same thing goes about E-Mails, except it is even easier, since most of the times they filter themselves and we don’t have to do anything about it at all.


What we mean by this is that if someone was kind enough to give you their E-Mail, we should do everything in our favor in order to not abuse it.

Not many people know about this, but E-Mails came such a long way that today it is considered a violation of federal law if you send an E-Mail to someone that hasn’t agreed that they want to receive E-Mails for you, which means that you should be really careful with this, and that’s the first rule that you need to remember when building your E-Mail list.

Yes, we do understand that nothing makes a digital marketer happier than when they receive the E-Mail address from a person they recently met, but you need to be careful not to send something to anyone that doesn’t want to receive E-Mails from you.


Next, let’s say that you’ve already built a majority of the list by yourself, and it is now finally time to send E-Mails and do your job. Well, if you’ve spent so much time building that E-Mail list, it means that you should do your best in order not to lose the trust all of those people gave you. The next rule is to always check your E-Mails and make sure that they look as legit as possible, which means not having any broken links, broken or non-showing images, unknown characters or suspicious links. If you do happen to have any of those, chances are that you will most likely get blocked by the person you send that kind of an E-Mail to, and your sender’s reputation will immediately decrease. In order to avoid all of this, feel free to visit TheChecker.

Last but not least, you should be aware that a hidden score exists, also known as sender’s score, and it tends to decrease each time one of your E-Mails is sent to the junk or spam folder. This means that as a digital marketer that wants to achieve success, you should never allow an E-Mail to be marked as spam or junk, so once again, using our recommendation that we just mentioned earlier is going to help you a lot with this. Make sure to check your emails and make them look as authentic as they possibly can.