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Rita Ora Has A New Boyfriend

by Elsa Stringer

After the news broke out about kissing Beckham’s son Brooklyn, Rita Ora now seems to have a new romantic interest. It is Jude Law’s son, Rafferty. They were spotted together during the British Fashion Week. The singer is six years older than Rafferty, but that doesn’t seem to bother either of them.

The couple met on the set on the Oliver Twist movie and quickly became an item.

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“It has been simmering for some time after they started working together. People made a few comments about the chemistry straight away, and the gossip started from there. But it was only after a while that the attraction really grew into something meaningful between them,” sources close to them told The Sun.

People also saw them at Harry’s Bar in London, where they were holding hands and kissing publicly.

They have also been spotted at Rihanna’s party after the British Fashion Week. According to sources, 23-year-old Rafferty and 29-year-old Rita spent the entire party together and didn’t flinch from displaying just how affectionate they are to each other.

Neither of them hasn’t made any announcement about the relationship or even hinted it on their social media.


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