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Jude Law Will Become a Father for the 6th Time With His 14y Younger Wife

by Tracy Finke

English actor Jude Law, 47, and his wife, psychologist Phillipa Coan, 33, have married in 2019 after four years of dating, and the actor, who has a tumultuous love past, is now expecting a sixth child.

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Law and Phillipa were recently photographed outside their London home, and according to the photos, the couple appears to be expecting their first child together.

Namely, Phillippa, who is otherwise thin, showed baby bump as she removed her purse and bag of food from the restaurant from her car.

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The spouses have not yet announced the happy news, but have not denied it either.

The couple was seen walking around London late last month, but at the time, the actor’s wife was wearing a coat, so her belly wasn’t visible, and now it’s more than noticeable.

They got married in 2019 after four years of dating, and before that, Law had led a rather turbulent life full of adultery and scandal.

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The actor has been married for six years to actress and producer Sadie Frost (54), with whom he has sons Rafferty and Rudy, as well as a daughter, Iris.

Afterward, he was dating colleague Sienna Miller, 38, with whom he was engaged, and then he cheated on her with his then 26-year-old nanny, his children, Daisy Wright.

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The actor surprised the public again when he made a kid with a waitress Samantha Burke during the filming of “Sherlock Holmes” in New York. He soon confessed the paternity over their joint daughter Sophia.

He got the last of his five children, daughter Ada, in a brief relationship with singer-songwriter Catherine Harding, whom he met at a London bar.

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According to rumors, Jude does not give up on women he likes, and that has happened to his now-wife Phillipa. The actor liked that she was intelligent and had a PhD in psychology.

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