Here Is What Celebrities Look When They Drink a Little Bit More

by Elsa Stringer

Celebrities are regular humans like all of us, and like everyone, they enjoy eating and drinking. Naturally then, they sometimes overdo it and regret it later.

However, when a celebrity has too much to drink they have one more important thing to hide away from when compared to us regular mortals, which is of course the paparazzi.

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Their worst nightmares are always ready and waiting for that inevitable moment when a hot celeb has too much to drink. Whether they were just tipsy and in good spirits or completely drunk from a night of partying, many of them were photographed when they least expected it.

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Following is a gallery of famous actors, singers, and other stars making funny facial expressions, tripping over, dozing off, and stumbling around, all because they had much to drink.

Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, Sam Smith, Jude Law, Simon Cowell, and others probably wish these pictures never happened!

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