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The Remake of a Popular Resident Evil Game Was Leaked on the Playstation Store

by Elsa Stringer

Attention horror fans! The next remake of the hugely popular Resident Evil game series by Capcom is probably going to appear soon, as suggested by the newest leaks.

Recently, there has been a cover art for the potential remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It appeared on the official PlayStation Store by Sony. This new leak appeared through gamstat and it is publicly available. In the markets of some western countries, the game is going to have the name Resident Evil 3. Alternative cover art also reveals a listing for Biohazard RE: 3, which is probably the upcoming name reserved for the Japanese market.


The third piece of art mentions Biohazard RE: 3 Z Version. This is likely to be an uncensored version, which is often described as Z-rated in Japan by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization. The remake of Resident Evil 2 from last year also had a “Z Version” in Japan.

These exciting leaks came in just before The Game Awards, set to stream on December 12. Many fans think that an official reveal is coming soon.

The third game in the immensely successful Resident Evil franchise first came out in 1999. It is a scary survival horror game that tells a story of Jill Valentine as she escapes from an urban center that had been affected by a mysterious biological weapon. That end boss of the game is called Nemesis, and it is he who is featured in the leaked cover art.


What is more, the leak also coincides with a YouTube report by the YouTuber SpawnWave. He claims to have credible reports that suggest this new remake has been in development for months, and that it is set for a 2024 launch. Eurogamer reported similar details to these.

In their October financial report, Capcom said that their Resident Evil 2 remake went great, and that they consider it to be an “indisputable success” for the company and everyone involved. They added that they plan to utilize their game properties and remakes in order to promote growth in the future, as well as satisfy the millions of fans.


Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the new remake is not the only Resident Evil project that they currently have on their drawing board. Project Resistance, sometimes also referred to as Resident Evil:

Resistance, is what we mean. This new game is going to be a four – against – one online multiplayer game that will change the game series and introduce new elements. Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the early version of the game, shortly after the announcement back in September at the Tokyo Game Show, said it is a lot of fun. They cannot wait for the full game to drop and bring new things to the beloved, decades old series.

Whichever title you are more interested in, one thing is certain. It is a great time to be a Resident Evil fan, or a fan of the horror genre in general!