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Renée Zellweger Turns 51: How Plastic Surgery Changed Her Look Over the Years?

by Tracy Finke

Renée Zellweger, who gained worldwide fame in the famous comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” turns 51 on April 25.

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The audience loved the actress because of this hit movie, and she was nicknamed American Sweetheart. But soon, the public began to worry about her physical changes. Renée lost a lot of weight, so they claimed she was struggling with anorexia.

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The actress was angered by these speculations and angrily denied them. “When you read reports that you are starving yourself or that you are anorexic, it’s very unfair and disappointing. It’s not very pleasant to read reports which say you’ve gone too far or this or that. I have a lifestyle that involves keeping my sanity by going to the gym,” she explained on one occasion.

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In recent years, Renée also concerned many with her facial appearance. People claim that she overdid plastic surgery and destroyed her beauty. The actress also addressed these criticisms. She once overheard people gossiping in the London subway.

“They were talking about how Hollywood ladies are silly, ‘especially that Renée Zellweger. How could she do that? Why would she go and have surgery on her face?” the actress recalled on SiriusXM’s “Jess Cagle Show”.

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“The man is still talking about how stupid I am. And he looked up, and he said, ‘You’re, oh God, you’re not, you are, you’re, oh my God, but you look just like yourself!'”, Zellweger explained.

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The actress firmly denies speculations that she did face lifting and Botox, although surgery experts say this is obvious. “I was just getting old,” pointed out Renée, who won the Best Supporting Actress category at this year’s Oscars for her role in “Judy.”

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She also won a gold statue for her supporting role in the musical “Chicago,” in which her colleague was Richard Gere. At one time, they caused real confusion on the red carpet when they kissed to celebrate the Golden Globe.

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By the way, Zellweger broke up with musician Doyle Bramhall II last year, according to media reports. They were dating since 2012.

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