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Only Two Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Stripped for Playboy

by Elsa Stringer

Despite the fact all five of them love posing barely dressed or completely naked for their social media platforms, only two out of the five sisters posed for the famous Playboy magazine.


Kim Kardashian, 39, and Kylie Jenner, 22, are the only ones who were featured in the magazine. Kylie did it alongside her partner Travis Scott, 28.


Kim, who made her family famous thanks to being friends with Paris Hilton, as well as to her infamous home video with rapper Ray J, started the trend. She appeared in Playboy back in 2007, after a lengthy period of convincing by the late Hugh Hefner.

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Kylie showed all of the goods during the photoshoot, putting her booty in focus. The fans and media already know she has had multiple plastic surgeries and beauty procedures, even though she has never admitted it.


Although only the two appeared in Playboy, all five sisters love to strip down for other magazines and outlets, and make millions of dollars in the process.


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Perhaps the most famous of them all is the naked cover of “Paper” magazine featuring Kim. This was the first time phrase “break the internet” was used, and for the right reason.


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That was in 2014, and although the sisters basically have Kim and Playboy to thank for their fame, they have never stopped exposing themselves since. They would have probably been famous anyway, even without Kim’s courage and luck.