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One Thing Could Cost Donald Trump of Reelection in November!

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/03/2020: There is a real chance that Donald Trump could miss a second term in the White House. The reason is, according to one expert, the outbreak of coronavirus. If this happens during Trump’s time in the office, and he doesn’t handle it the right way, another four years in the Oval Office could be just his wish.

The expert we are talking about it Michael A. Cohen of Boston Times. He compares today’s situation with the one which occurred in the past. Cohen spoke of shark attacks in 1926 when Woodrow Wilson was the President. When these attacks happened, a teenager died, and the government had no plan in place to deal with sharks. By the time the coastguard started dealing with them, they were already gone.

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Source: commondreams.org

The danger was gone, but the population in the given area lost the trust in those who are officiating the state. The same scenario can be expected in the case of coronavirus pandemic. Trump himself can’t do anything, but the population will blame him. At the moment, Mr. President doesn’t have a plan to deal with what coronavirus brings to the table, and this might be his downfall in November.

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Some studies show when a situation that is beyond the reach of a President to control happens, people tend to blame him. When this happens, his chances of winning the elections receive a 10% point hit.

Considering the manner in which Donald Trump deals with coronavirus so far, and the way Democrats ask of him to do more, the population would certainly hold him responsible.

Talking about this, Michael A. Cohen stated: “Incumbents do get blamed, whether deserving or not, because someone succeeds in tying the disaster to them. The more the new coronavirus outbreak and the government’s response to it, become politicized, the worse things are likely to turn out for Trump.’’

Source: express.co.uk