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Donald Trump Mocks Democrats, Calls Their Campaigns a Circus!

by Sinisav

USA TODAY – 01/03/2020: Donald Trump is restless when it comes down to mocking his adversaries in the upcoming elections. After Democratic primaries in South Carolina, POTUS had a thing or two to say to his democrat opponents.

If you didn’t follow the development in South Carolina, Joe Biden won by a significant margin. This was an excellent opportunity for President Trump to send out a message to Mike Bloomberg. POTUS tweeted: “Sleepy Joe Biden’s victory in the South Carolina Democrat Primary should be the end of Mini Mike Bloomberg’s Joke of a campaign.”

Donald Trump

Source: nbcnews.com

Donald Trump obviously decided to end Bloomberg’s campaign himself, as just a few days ago, he laughed at him for being defeated in a debate against Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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Bloomberg’s campaign took another hit as Joe Biden took better of him in South Carolina. To make things clear, Bloomberg wasn’t even on the ticket in South Carolina. After a shaky performance in Las Vegas, in a debate against Sen. Warren, Trump believes that Biden now has the advantage.

To make his point clear to everyone, President Trump also tweeted this out: “After the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates, Mini Mike now has Biden split up his very few voters, taking many away!”

Unlike Donald Trump, his campaign manager Brad Parscale had a different opinion. Parscale said that the real winner is not Joe Biden, but President Trump: “Once again, President Trump is the clear winner because not one of these candidates has a chance at beating him in November.”

Parscale and Trump can agree on one thing. Both of them believe that once comes Super Tuesday, the winner of Democrat primaries won’t matter. Tanks to the mess they made out of the entire campaign, a little chance is given to any campaign to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Source: usatoday.com