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A Photo of Melania Kissing a Firefighter Resurfaces After 20 Years

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 01/03/2020: Melania Trump had a life before Donald Trump. The former supermodel made cover pages of some famous magazines. Today, almost twenty years later, we have one such cover resurface.

We are talking about a cover for New York magazine. The photo shows Melania, Knauss at the time, hugging and kissing a New York firefighter. The picture was made in the wake of the 9/11 events. Now, the photo is once again making rounds, almost two decades later.

Melania Trump

Source: nypost.com

The photo was made back in 2002. It supposed to represent a replica of a V-J Day smooch from 1945, which shows a sailor and a nurse exchanging a kiss. At the time of making this photo, Melania was still Knauss and wasn’t too famous. She was just a model who was selected to pose for the cover of New York magazine, which was the ‘’Singles’’ edition scheduled for valentine’s Day release.

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Melania was an accidentals election for this cover. Her relationship with Donald Trump had no say in the matter. At the time, not many people knew she was dating Trump, who was labeled as a New York property developer. The cover of this issue of New York magazine was to pay homage to Big Apple firefighters. After the events of 9/11, they were treated as superheroes due to their response in the gravest of moments.

A reporter who was working on the named issue of New York magazine stated: ‘’The female model we’d hired was a pretty young Slovenian named Melania Knauss, who had been dating a New York real-estate developer on and off for several years, and married him a couple of years after that.’’

Now, years after, he laughs at the notion that they were working with the first lady of the United States: “We did not, at the time, expect to be working with the future First Lady of the United States. But we were.”

Source: nypost.com