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Nostradamus Predicts One Terrible Thing for Donald Trump in 2024

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/04/2020: Nostradamus has been around for centuries. His prophecies are exciting to both scientists and regular people. While often criticized, there are things he hit on the spot. Some of his predictions even go as far as today. Because of that, we have at least one that should happen in 2024.

If you are a conspiracy theorist, then you believe in what Nostradamus is saying without a fault. But, for others, he is a charlatan. In fact, he was a 16-century pharmacist, who later became a writer. Some of his writings made him what he is today – history’s most famous prophesier. Those who follow him believe that he was accurate on numerous occasions throughout history.

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk

British physic, Craig Hamilton-Parker, claims that Nostradamus’ predictions are pointing to certain events that will occur this year. If you trust both him and Nostradamus, then the US President Donald Trump won’t have it easy in 2024.

According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, who is the administrator of psychics.co.uk, Nostradamus predicted an assassination attempt on the 45th President of the US. He also believes that Nostradamus is pointing to another Middle East conflict, which is almost on our hands, and an improvement in American relations with Russia.

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The way things stand now, he got at least two of three things right. At the moment, Russia and the US are not on the same page. But, Presidents, Trump, and Putin have an excellent relationship. Both of them are sharing intelligence information and preventing terrorist attacks. Regarding the Middle East, the situation in Iran and Iraq smells of another war. Drone attacks ordered by Donald Trump killed the second most powerful man in Iran. The tensions are growing, and a possible war could be on our hands.

All that is left is the assassination attempt. We wish nothing but good health for President Donald Trump, and considering that he only predicted an attempt, we hope that it remains only on that.

Nostradamus also predicted another mandate for the current President. So, at least we are going to find one of those things this year, considering that general elections are scheduled for September.

Source: express.co.uk