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Kid Rock Shows His Support For Donald Trump Once Again

by Sinisav

PEOPLE – 01/03/2020: Kid Rock never hid the fact that he is a Donald Trump supporter. If there was someone who didn’t know this, Kid Rock made sure that they know now. While on vacation at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida, Rock posed for a photo with Donald Trump Jr.

The thing that shows that he is a Trump supporter is not that he’s on the photo with President Trump’s son but the t-shirt he’s wearing. His t-shirt is mocking Adam Schiff. As you know, Schiff is one of the people POTUS most often targets on Twitter. The reason is that congressmen Schiff is in the center of the ongoing impeachment process.

Kid Rock

Source: www.newsweek.com

Donald Trump Jr. shared their photo on Instagram, stating his admiration for the named t-shirt. As you can see, Kid Rock has a shirt that has written BULL, while the next part is missing and is replaced with Schiff’s head.

A regular person wouldn’t be allowed in Trump’s International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida, wearing a t-shirt. An exception was made for Kid Rock as he is a famous star and a Trump supporter at that. Considering the motives on his shirt, he probably got a free pass.

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Donald Trump Jr. even mentioned the dress code of this prestigious club, saying that it will be ‘waived,’ this one time because of the named shirt. Kid Rock is not only the supporter of Donald Trump but also of his son, having recently shared a front cover of Donald Jr’s. book, Triggered, on Instagram.

This was not very helpful for the promotion of the book, as information leaked that Republican National Committee bought $100,000 worth of the books. This put the book on the New York Times bestseller list. But, at the same time, it made a meme out of it, so now many people consider it a joke.

Kid is a declared supporter of the Republican Party. In 2017 he was even on the brink of running for Senate.

Source: people.com