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Did Nicole Scherzinger Just Have Plastic Surgery?

by Tracy Finke

The Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger showed off a slender figure on Friday while taking photos and hanging out with fans in Sydney.

The 41-year-old singer wore a tight latex ensemble, and everyone noticed her lips were fuller than before, according to the Daily Mail. Although she has always denied that she went under the knife and made aesthetic corrections, the photos show otherwise.

Image source: ok.co.uk

Daily Mail writes that the 41-year-old singer “displayed her remarkably taut complexion and plump lips”.

Scherzinger says the secret to her appearance is an active lifestyle, exercise, and quality sleep. In 2016 she told Sun: “I haven’t thought about getting Botox. For me, it’s more about taking care of yourself from the inside out. I think health is really important.”

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Image source: profimedia,com

“It’s about drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep. It’s crazy what hot yoga or going on an amazing run will do. Anybody can get that stuff done, but for me, how I feel inside is a true reflection”, she added.

Image source: profimedia,com

The Pussycat Dolls announced a reunion tour after a ten-year hiatus, and the reunion came after the rest of the group accepted Nicole as lead singer. Girls should do most of the shows this year in the UK.

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