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Melania Reveals Which Part Of Donald’s Body She Loves The Most

by Sinisav

EconoTimes – 01/12/2020: Once you become the First Lady of the United States, it becomes hard to hide some things from your private life from the public. In a book called Free Melania, written by Kate Bernett, we found out some juicy facts from Melania’s life. The author, who works as a CNN reporter, was not authorized to write Melania’s unofficial biography. But, thanks to her, we now know some juicy details from her life. For example: what’s her’s favorite part of Donald Trump’s body.

The book can be bought on Amazon, and it depicts the First Lady’s life since early childhood in Slovenia to her entry into the Trump family and everything that ensued after.


Source: total-slovenia-news.com

The main accent of this book is, of course, on the part of her life that she spent with Donald. The part we are talking about is very intimate as it tells us what the thing that Melania likes on her husband the most is. We hope that you won’t be disappointed, but you will be surprised we guarantee you that.

According to those who already read the book, the part that the First Lady loves the most on her husband’s body is his legs. According to Melania, Donald has ‘beautiful and gorgeous legs.’

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Most people believe that Melania married Donald because of his wealth, but this book proves otherwise. It seems that the age gap between them doesn’t bother Melania in the slightest. Melania Trump often describes her husband as the ‘sexiest man alive.’ In the book, she often calls him ‘handsome,’ which is, according to the author, how she genuinely feels.

The pair has been together since 1998 when they first met. They have been married since 2005, and as it seems, Melania is still infatuated with her husband, and their love is strong as ever.

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