Actress Salma Hayek Stuns the Public With yet Another Perfect Look

by Elsa Stringer

She really knows how to dress well! When you have as much style, even this curious design will look flawless. The checked print has been popular since fall, while it reached its peak during winter and holiday season.

Actress Salma Hayek has just showed us how well you could make it work, but you have to have as much style as she does!

This outfit is perfect for the ladies who love to show off their wardrobe, since all eyes will be on you when you put on something like this, no matter the time or place.

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Her bell-bottom pants made her legs longer, and their deeper waist makes this effect even more noticeable. The sleeveless blazer like this one is always popular, but the color choice is the real showstopper. The black and bright combo makes sure all eyes are on her!

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