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Tiffany Trump Insulted by the Nickname She Got From Media

by Sinisav

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – 01/12/2020: Donald Trump has three marriages behind him. The products of his matrimony communities with women are his five children. Three of them are from his first marriage with Ivana Trump. They are Ivanka Trump, Donald Jr Trump, and Eric Trump. He has one son with his current wife, Melania, named Baron. The least talked-about child of Donald is Tiffany Trump.

After his marriage with Ivana fell apart, Donald married an actress Marla Maples. Tiffany is his daughter from that relationship. Today, people call her a B-list member of the Trump family. The reason is simple. She’s not publicly promoted as the rest of the bunch. Because of this, she even got a nickname she’s not really fond of. Tiffany is nicknamed ‘forgotten Trump.’

Tiffany Trump

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Compared to her older siblings, Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric, she kept her privacy to herself and maintained a low-profile.

Her mother revealed, in a New York Times interview, that her daughter is not satisfied with the nickname. But, the thing that bothers her the most is that she wasn’t able to bond more with Donald Trump. Something other Trump children managed.

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Marla raised Tiffany, so she wasn’t always in the company of her father. But, POTUS always stated that he wanted to be part of her life the same as he is to his other children. Mr. Trump never hid the fact that he considers himself to be a good father to all of his children.

But while they do have a good relationship, Trump was never at her side as he was to his other children. While three of the older siblings remained with Trump after he became the President, becoming part of his administration, Tiffany didn’t receive a position on his staff. Ivanka is even a seniors adviser to his father and works in the White House.

It remains to be seen if Tiffany will play a more critical role in the coming election for her father. This could certainly put her closer to her family.

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