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Prince Harry Is Publishing Autobiography Amid The Backlash From The Tell-All Interview With Oprah

by Mary McFarren

Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s time together in Buckingham palace was tumultuous from the start. The younger son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana is known as the troublemaker in the family but no one expected him to go this far. At first, Meghan and Harry’s relationship was lowkey and no one from the Royal family paid much attention. However, when things got serious between the two, squabbles became a daily routine among Royals.

The news about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving the Royal family exploded like a nuclear bomb. The couple, with their son Archie, quickly moved, first to Canada and later to Los Angeles where they reside to this day. In the meantime, the family continued to build their American dream. Soon, the second baby arrived, Lilibeth Diana and Meghan Markle published a book inspired by their family life.


However, everything was overshadowed by the exclusive interview the couple gave with Oprah. Some serious accusations were thrown at the Royal family, mostly to the older members and to the Queen herself, painting the picture of a very racist and homophobic environment that Harry and Meghan were exposed to.
Specifically, the feud between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry about Markle’s wedding tiara erupted only days before the big event. The actress chose her wedding crown without consulting with the Queen. The protocol is for Queen Elizabeth to lend one of her crowns to her future granddaughter-in-law for her wedding day. Skipping this step and choosing one by herself Meghan broke the rules and insulted the Crown.


Furthermore, in the early days of Meghan’s pregnancy, some “concerns” were raised in the family about the future baby’s skin tone. Being pushed away, isolated, and degraded by her in-laws Meghan started contemplating suicide. Luckily, her concerned husband stepped in and the two agreed that they should continue their lives away from Buckingham Palace. At one point during the interview, Prince Harry shocked the public saying that he didn’t want his wife to end up like his mother.


The famous, or infamous interview. depending on who you ask, aired in March of 2024. Some of the claims made by Meghan left even the seasoned talk show host like Oprah in shock. Today, four months later, it’s still a hot topic that is highly debated by the royal insiders and public alike. Recently, the points were made that it might have a backlash effect on Meghan and Harry. Being that they are one of the most beloved couples around the world, the reactions might not be what they expected.
Talking to Channel 5, Tom Quinn analyzed Markle’s attitude and emotions in which she talked: “I think the problem for Meghan was that she was angry, she was upset. I think that she thought when she entered the royal family she could shake them up and they would love it, she would do things Meghan’s way”.

source: a57.foxnews.com

He continued, “When that didn’t happen and she came up against what she saw as the forces of reaction it made her so upset that, that interview was her way I think the only way for her to get her revenge and put the case as she saw it. But I think later on she will think I shouldn’t have burnt my bridges to that extent”.
The expert in Royal relations, Ashley Pearson added: “Some people might wonder whether or not Meghan may live to regret all of the revelations in the Oprah interview”.
Maybe the best insight into Meghan Markle’s feelings is given by viscountess Julie Montagu. Like Markle, the viscountess came to the ROyal family from a completely different background. Montagu was born in Illinois, USA, and moved to the United Kingdom in 2005 when she married Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke. The transition from being an ordinary person living a life of a commoner to being under the spotlight and doing things you were told to do was difficult.

Source: Daily Mail

The Viscountess said that the primary duty of every Royal member is to the Queen. Understandably, that was very hard for Meghan who was used to have absolute control over her life. “It’s difficult to have love and duty work simultaneously and together and that’s what Harry and Meghan wanted in negations with the Queen, this synergy, that they can make work, but the Queen said no”, Lady Montagu continued.
Talking about the Oprah interview, the Viscountess said that Meghan talked like the Royal family was listening. The anger in her voice was impossible to control and in the end, it seems like Meghan’s statements were the last drop in an already full glass.

Source: hellomagazine.com

To add fuel to the fire, the Duke of Sussex announced his upcoming autobiography. The memories will be published next year on Queens Platinum Jubilee. It is expected to be a public sensation, if not in the UK, then in the USA for sure. When Harry broke the news about it, he stated that he wrote not as the Prince he was born to be but “as the man he has become”. In the public appearance Prince Harry continued: “I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story—the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned—I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think”. That left many wondering will there be any more bombshells and how will that affect his relations with his grandmother, father, and brother.

Source: usmagazine.com

Surprisingly, Buckingham Palace issued a statement right away saying: “Any clarification about the book would be a question for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”. However, many royal experts are worried that the run-away prince might use the memoir as leverage against the Royal family members. Some have already gone public in an attempt to slam Harry’s autobiography before it sees the light of day.
Richard Fitzwilliams, the royal insider, had some harsh words for the Duke: “What do the Sussexes really want from the royal family next? What do they want them to do? They have gone rogue. It is a fact. It’s incredibly worrying because they are so totally unpredictable. Anything is possible”.

The famous chef and a Royal family devotee Rosemary Shrager attacked Markle’s claims that she had no clue that being part of the Royal family brings certain limitations. “I have my opinion that when she came here, she knew what she was getting into but she’s got her own agenda and I think she’s obviously in love with Harry and wanted to do it her way”, Shrager said. Meghan also naively claimed that she never googled Prince Harry and had no idea about his role in serving the Crown. This remark was widely ridiculed by the UK media. Some other statements were also dissected and analyzed by the Royals marking them as “not entirely true”. The Royal officers are famous for giving vague statements, but these were pretty straightforward.

Source: nydailynews.com

Clearly, there is no love lost between Meghan Markle and the Royal family. Every hope in reviving the relationship seems to diminish every day. Markle’s attempts to be the next “people’s princess” like Lady Diana was were sabotaged and ultimately futile in the end. Prince Harry also has his own share of blame to carry. Some experts in psychology claim that the regret and guilt could be seen on his face when he visited London last month to reveal his late mother’s statue.
Back in the United States, the media is still gushing about the former Royal couple. The pair is settling in Los Angeles, and so far things seem to go well for them. On the other side of the pond, the dust has also settled. Hopefully, the two sides will mend the severed bonds sometime in the future.