Meghan Markle in a Grilling Video, Acting Seductively – Video Resurfaces After Seven Years

by Elsa Stringer

Long before Meghan Markle married into the British royal family, she was busy playing Rachel Zane in TV show suits. She also did other projects, like the grilling video for Men’s Health magazine, which has surfaced recently.

In the video, Meghan grills burgers, wearing a skimpy outfit, all the while seducing the camera. The irony of a self-proclaimed vegetarian using meat to promote men’s magazines seems lost on her.

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The video also caused people to comment on her acting talent or lack of it. One commentator wrote: “She wasn’t even good as an actress. And this is a vegan feminist? Lol laughable”. The other one added:” Is it possible to die from cringing? After watching this I’m not sure I’m gonna make it.”

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