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Top 10 Best Materials for Engagement Rings

by Tracy Finke

In simple terms, an engagement ring signifies commitment. A person who hopes to get engaged might want to choose a ring that is an expression of their partner’s style—because it has to represent something meaningful to them within that commitment. There are virtually endless engagement rings styles.

Therefore there are many choices regarding how durable or colorful you would like this ring to be. Finding the right kind of materials to work with is one of the most critical factors, as your partner will (hopefully) wear this ring for the rest of their life.

Here Are Some of the Top Engagement Ring Materials and Some of Their Pros and Cons:

1. Platinum

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Platinum engagement rings are gorgeous but also quite pricey. Platinum is the best metal for an engagement ring because of its many natural advantages, as it can last over a lifetime. Even under harsh conditions, platinum holds up. Platinum is unique. It is perfect for the sea as it does not tarnish. So if you are a beach person or want your ring to be practically durable, it is worth the investment.

2. Cerium

Cerium is a rare but powerful metal and can be very expensive if you can find it. A woman who wants a ring made of this precious metal should search carefully for her band and weigh the pros and cons of this expensive setting. It is relatively soft and tarnishes beautifully when exposed to air. The metal’s look draws many people to it, but unfortunately, its durability is lacking.

3. Diamond

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Human beings have made diamond engagement rings for each other since at least 1477. This long tradition has held up because diamonds are durable, neutral in tone, and incredibly versatile. With lab-growing and recycling practices, diamonds are also becoming much more affordable. Diamonds are simple yet elegant stones that look great in any setting. You can also choose from various shapes to make this classic look your own. In recent years, fancy shapes like oval engagement rings have grown more popular. You can check more about this on cleanorigin.com.

4. Jade

Jade engagement rings have been made since the time of the Egyptian royalty. They have retained their luxurious, alluring look even though many jewelry makers make them anymore. They will always maintain their luster, which means that if you get one, it will always look as good as it did when you bought it. Some types of jade are said to get clearer and brighter as they age and are exposed to dust and dirt.

5. Ruby

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Ruby engagement rings look fabulously elegant and were favored by kings and queens for a long time because of this. Ruby is a more common natural stone, and people love it for its range of hues. It can be a deep red, or a softer pink, or even at times a bit orange! It is also a durable stone that can be set in a ring and will always have the same luster. Because of this property, a ruby ring will stay glamorous for a long time.

6. White Gold

White gold rings are favored by women who prefer to wear simple and understated jewelry. White gold isn’t very flashy, so they do not have to worry about whether or not the rings will stand out too much. White gold is a favorite for newer rings to be made with due to its modern edge. A white gold ring will match every outfit, so white gold engagement rings have become very popular.

7. Green Emerald

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Emerald is one of the most precious stones that you can get for an engagement ring. It is also one of the softest. Emeralds tend to degrade quickly due to the oil in our hands, contact with water, and even soap and lotion. If you fall in love with an emerald ring, make sure to prepare for taking it on and off quite a bit to protect the stone, and know that you will need to replace the emerald or watch it get duller over time. Emerald engagement rings look great regardless of their fragility and were a lovely favorite in the 1920s for art deco settings.

8. Vanadium

Vanadium is a naturally rare metal that adds beauty and power to any engagement ring. It is scarce in nature, but it is relatively easy to stabilize and create in a lab. This means it is quickly becoming more common than in the past. There is a rich history behind it. That’s why people love to get one of these rings. Vanadium is used to create magnetic materials, and many believe the magnetic attraction the metal holds can rub off and make you more charismatic. This metal is most common in men’s engagement rings or wedding bands, as it looks best in simple shapes.

9. Iridescence

This gemstone quality naturally occurs in opals and some other gemstones but requires artificial treatment in many gems to create. Many jewelers have recently started offering iridescent engagement rings, where the stones are treated to provide a fantastic color flashing effect. Each treated stone will be unique from the other, and you can go with cheaper or lower grade stones if this effect turns your fancy. This makes this engagement ring the perfect choice for women who are a bit flashier and concerned about cost. When this kind of stone is set in a ring, it turns into a rainbow effect because of the treatment used. The reds turn into oranges, the blues turn into purples, and the whites turn into a blue, green, and orange mixture.

10. Opal

Source: greis.com

Opals are rare and highly precious stones found on some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. Opal engagement rings are desired by women who dream of moving to someplace with such beautiful beaches. Opal engagement rings are an ideal gift for a short-term ring, but unfortunately, they are pretty fragile in the long term and can scratch or shatter. They are incredibly unique and come in a fantastic array of colors, which is a big pull. If you love the colors of opal, do some quick research on the best way to stabilize and care for them over time.


An engagement ring is a precious present and a symbol of devotion. Wedding rings often signify marital status, but a fabulous engagement ring can symbolize more unique parts of a human bond than just commitment. It comes in various shapes and forms, and even the best silicone ring can show the affection you have for your partner. Find more about silicone rings on siliconerings.best.

Look carefully at the quality of the metal and stones in your wedding and engagement rings, so that they can last a lifetime.

If you’re okay with your ring fading over time, don’t worry! Make a tradition out of looking for a new ring together every decade or so. Your style is likely to change over time. It is always good to revisit your vows and restate your commitment with a beautiful updated ring.