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12 Beautiful Places to Walk in Miami and Miami Beach2

by Tracy Finke

2Miami is of course known for its beautiful beaches which are nice to walk on, but there are so many trails and areas to hike, bike, stretch your legs and even stretch your imagination. Named after the Native American tribe called Mayaimi, Miami is now known as “The Magic City,” which is easy to see why.

Are you hunting for the best places to walk in Miami? We’ll run through the most beautiful nature-made and man-made areas that you won’t want to miss in this corner of the Sunshine State.

1. Bal Harbour Trail

Source: culturecrusaders.com

Bal Harbour Trail is a 4-mile long trail full of wildflowers which of course bring birds so it is also a good spot to catch a sighting of some local birds and tropical wildlife.

Bring the kids along, and even your dog. But, be sure to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after them.

A beachfront trail that is perfect for walking or biking with mixed terrain. Fishing is also popular here, just be aware of the signage warning not to fish off of the rocks that jut out like a pier on the water.

2. Old Cutler Trail

Source: floridarambler.com

Named for the historic road that it runs along, Old Cutler Trail is an 11 mile long paved path. It being a paved trail means that it is perfect for skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, biking, walking, running, and bringing your children or dogs.

Along this trail, there are several points of interest including parks, gardens, and a waterfront view. You will also be able to find a few public bathrooms which come in handy if you plan on walking the whole trail.

Old Cutler Trail intersects with Biscayne Trail on the south end. Biscayne is a short and sweet trail with a length of just over 2.5 miles which you can walk on its own or tack it onto the 11 miles that you are already walking.

3. The Venetian Causeway

Looking for a scenic walk that serves up the quintessential Miami vibes? The bridge between Miami and Miami’s South Beach is called the Venetian Causeway and has a path that runs along with it for pedestrians.

Be picture ready as this makes one of the best backdrops in the city and you will want to have this one Insta ready. #miami #miamibeach

Though it is quite narrow, the Venetian Causeway is still a popular place to walk with friends and makes a romantic spot to stroll with a date. Crossing the Venetian during the day gives you a clear view of the luxurious homes, but walking at night hits different because everything is lit up and reflecting on the water- sunset is especially lovely.

4. Coconut Grove

Source: compass.com

As you may not be familiar with Coconut Grove, it is a nice quiet neighborhood with residential homes that are esthetically pleasing and a pleasure to walk by. The architecture is varied but is heavily influenced by classic upscale Florida vibes.

Wait till you see some of the trees, greenery, and beautiful plant life in this neighborhood. These plants obviously love their life in Coconut Grove.

This would make a great walk and talk for hours in that type of area!

You can make your own route because the street grid is simple enough to get the gist of without getting lost, or don’t waste time noticing which direction you’re going and get lost on purpose.

Follow one of the trails that go through Coconut Grove if you want to follow a mapped-out path that is all paved and loop back around to your starting point.

5. Brickell

Nestled in the urban center of the heart of downtown Miami, rich with shops, restaurants, and hip vibes. Whether you are looking to hop from bar to bar, or just hang out in downtown Brickell is a classy area to check out.

Of course, Brickell is a really fun place just to walk around night or day. Brickell has a thriving art scene as well as an active nightlife.

Though most of the buildings look modern, this area of Miami is swimming in history. Stop into the history center to learn a bit of background and facts on the great city of Miami.

6. Miami Riverwalk

Source: hotels.com

When you want to walk through downtown Miami along the river, this short path provides a city backdrop for pictures and soothing sounds of traffic- if you like that sort of thing.

Lovely to see at night time, the Miami Riverwalk would be an especially romantic setting for a date. Being surrounded by skyscrapers and palm trees makes you feel small and revel in how amazing the world is.

Cop a squat on one of the benches alongside the riverwalk and watch the boats and people go by or time is right to watch the sunset. Miami has some amazing sunsets which can add a romantic touch to your date.

7. Wynwood Miami Art District

If you are looking for a photogenic colorful neighborhood to walk through, the Wynwood Miami Art District is the art explosion you are dreaming of.

Wynwood murals are big, bold, and pops of color make walking around magical and picture taking some of the best on your camera roll. There are wildlife murals, fantasy murals, and lifelike depictions of historical figures.

You may notice that the murals change a few times a year, which makes it interesting for locals that pass by every day, and gives different artists a chance to display their work. For a real treat go during Miami’s Art Week at the beginning of December each year.

8. South Beach

Source: miamiandbeaches.com

Iconic South Beach, Miami has inevitably transformed over time but stays relevant and famous as a hotspot for hot bodies and warm white sandy beaches. A few words that describe Miami’s South Beach are luxury and trendy.

Has South Beach been on your list of places to visit? Get in your steps and catch a tan at the same time because South Beach gets over 250 sunny days each year.

Walk along the beach with your toes in the sand, or keep your feet clean and use the paved areas for walking. Either way, the view, and scene are one of a kind and quintessentially Florida.

9. Miracle Mile- Coral Gables

After the Great Depression ended in 1933 a group of business developers came together and constructed what we know to be the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables Miami. Currently a destination for shopping and strolling, The Miracle Mile is popular for people and walkers of all ages.

And, should you want a caffeinated or alcoholic drink to make the shopping spree more interesting, be sure to pop into one of the many bars or coffee bars to grab a drink or bite to eat. The

Don’t pass up a ride on the old-fashioned trolley that makes stops on The Miracle Mile if you want to take a load off of your feet. Running from 6:30 am to 8 pm and covering the entire area of Coral Gables, check out the trolley app for more details.

The Miracle Mile holds events a few times a year such as walks and marathons to support good causes and Carnival On The Mile. Gallery Night is the first Friday of every month and showcases the local artists.

10. Hiking in Everglades National Park

Source: miamiandbeaches.com

Different from any area in the country, Florida’s Everglades National Park will give you a taste of the most exotic wild animals that the Sunshine State has to offer. You can reserve a ride on an airboat to have a guided tour to point out the gators, birds, and all of the best views on the water.

Biking is a great way to experience the park, but you can explore more spots if you are on foot.

Because of the nature of this place, some insects bite, and heat can overwhelm the best of us. Arguably the best time to visit the Everglades is through the winter months when the bug count is low.

11. Biscayne National Park

South of Miami just before the Florida Keys in Biscayne National Park and is open 365 days a year. There are so many cool things to check out in this national park, and you won’t want to forget your camera, either.

Biscayne is bordered by a mangrove forest. If you are interested as to what’s under the water there are coral reefs in the national park, plenty of tropical fish and turtles, and of course, dolphins jumping.

Unlike many other national parks, Biscayne does not require an annual pass and does not charge entrance fees.

12. Oleta River State Park

Source: ecomadic.com

For a few bucks, you can drive into Oleta State Park in North Miami County. Covering over 1,000 acres of land you can stay socially distanced from other humans making Oleta River One of the quietest spots in Miami County.

Dogs are allowed in Oleta, however, they must be on a leash and are not allowed in or near any body of water. So, it is best to stick to the trails with your furry friend- but don’t worry there are plenty of trails to explore.

Exploring Places To Walk In Miami

Finding great places to walk in Miami is relatively easy because the area is beautiful and built for people to stay active with lots of parks and paved walking trails. The Bentley Hotel South Beach is passionate about Miami and is always here to help guide you around town.