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Marketing Campaigns: How to Market a Brand with Laughter

by Ingeborg

When it comes to running a business, the danger of being seen as irrelevant is an ever-present obstacle that all companies have to deal with at one point or another. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways to gain relevance, with one of the most effective being the use of marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many inexperienced business owners fall into the trap of creating campaigns that are either dull and boring or too aggressive.

However, those who are experienced in the ways of marketing often understand that uniting the audience with laughter and creativity can often be the best tactic. Here are just a few examples of marketing campaigns done right through the power of laughter and innovation.


The furry companion

While marketing is often filled to the brim with precise ads and in-your-face aggression, there are much easier ways to make your way to the heart of your target audience. For example, there are a few sure-fire bets to get people interested, with one tactic being the use of a furry companion. Whether through dogs, cats, or other cute animals, pets tend to have a way of disarming potential customers in all the right ways.

This viral photo from antibodies.com of their furry mascot is a perfect example:

The comedian

You might think that the use of a popular comedian is a little on the nose when it comes to crafting a funny and effective marketing campaign, but a bit of creativity goes a long way. For example, Kia Motors enlists the help of Melissa McCarthy to help advertise their newest eco-cars, but the company understands that the presence of the comedian is often enough.

With her help, they make use of subtlety by having McCarthy drive their current model in beautiful shots, intermittently cutting to the storyline of an eco-warrior suffering through quite a few hijinks. There was nothing particularly funny about the scenes with the car, meaning the humor was not overwhelming, and the car itself was not overshadowed.

Innovation through the slogan


Similar to the use of comedians for ads, the Snickers Super Bowl ad featuring Betty White is considered to be one of the greatest adverts of all time. The theme of the ad is “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, which shows Betty White playing football poorly. One of her friends says that she’s playing like Betty White out there, and another offers her a Snickers, which results in Betty White transforming into a more appropriate football player. It is undoubtedly innovative, making creative use of their slogan to craft a marketing campaign for the ages.

While traditional marketing is often a serious venture, connecting with the target audience through marketing today is all about innovation, and a barrel of laughs. The examples above are a testament to the fact that levity often trumps a more serious tone.