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Starting a Small Business? Here are 3 Online Venture Ideas to Try!

by Jajce d Muckic

Is your business online? If it isn’t, it should be.

While the internet was a luxury years ago, it’s a requirement today. After all, the internet is where your customers are!

Plus, starting (and expanding) an online business is cheap. You don’t need a brick and mortar presence at all.

All that’s necessary is a website, and a social media profile!

Picking Your Ventures.

Some business ideas work for the online world. And others do not.

But no worries. If you need ideas, this is the place to get them. Because today, we’ll discuss 3 online ventures for small businesses.

All are feasible and low-cost. Check them out, and get started!


#1 – Online Coaching.

Coaching is everywhere. And if you have deep experience in a field, you can successfully sell that service!

You can coach for in a multitude of domains. You can coach in fitness, lifestyle, and even business and spirituality.

Plus, you don’t need many tools. All you need are a blog (to post informative content), and a live chat system.

Tools Required.

All you need is a setup.

So most of your obstacles have to do with setting the foundation while providing a “professional” persona.

That is – you’ll need a website that’s immaculately designed. Plus, you’ll need mobile apps to reach access.

You’ll also need specialized tools that let you create membership areas for paid subscribers. Want to learn more business skills? Check out TrainingConnection here!

#2 – Relationship Consulting

Maybe you’re a marriage consultant.

Or, maybe you’re a therapist – specializing in clients with relationship issues.

The internet is a good place to set yourself up. The idea is similar to coaching, except that you position yourself as a “healer.”

People come to you to recover themselves, and/or their relationships.


Another Idea – Explore The Dating Niche.

Dating sites are all over the internet.

The majority are dysfunctional, acting as scam sites. But many are genuine, providing a good network for dates.

Why not take your business to that level?

Tools Required.

For starters, you’re probably operating locally. So you’ll need to set up a site that connects prospects in your area.

Integrating other services (such as W4M Maps) is a good idea. Many top-notch services do just that.

And they do so while providing multiple communication channels with prospects.

Specifically, you’ll need channels such as the ability to video chat – which is necessary for consulting and running a dating site!

#3 – Dropshipping


Maybe you lack the expertise for coaching or consulting work. If so, just try dropshipping

Here, you rely on more on logical prowess. If you’re a person that’s naturally meticulous, this is your domain.

What’s Dropshipping?

It’s online retail – but with a twist.

You don’t need a physical location. You don’t need a shop, nor do you need a warehouse for product storage!

Instead, your online shop acts as a middleman. You take in orders, where you contact special suppliers for the delivery.

This lets you start your retail activities with minimal setup. Plus, you can do it on a small capital too! You might be

interested in reading this guide about dropshipping made by Tada, which is one of the trendiest apps on Shopify at the

moment. It offers gamified pop-ups that help you get more lead while interacting with your customers in a fun and friendly way.

Tools Required.

You’ll need a list of reliable suppliers. This is key, as a supplier cut means you can’t fulfill orders, which ruins your ratings.

From there, any content management system for shopping is what’s necessary.

Shopify is the best for both beginners and advanced sellers. It allows for a minimal cost setup that eliminates the need for designers.

Another tool you’ll need is a cart management system. You’ll need that to receive payments and transact (in case of refunds).

Finally, don’t forget the email management system. After all, you’re also acting as customer support. So you need to be reachable!