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Main Email Management Mistakes You Need To Avoid

by Edvard Berlusconi

Emails nowadays are widely used in professional communication and business conversations. It has become a day to day affair in our work life. But you need to be very careful while writing an email and try to avoid making mistakes as much as possible because it not only gives a bad impression about you but also lacks professionalism which is not good for the industry at all.

So today we will go through the main email management mistakes that you need to avoid in the following tips.

  1. Unorganized Mailbox: An unorganized mailbox is perhaps one of the greatest mistakes of email management. Not only does it looks messy but also makes it difficult for you to find an important email at the time of need. So always try to keep your mailbox organized and sort your emails in different folders according to their category or importance. This way you will not only be able to save a lot of time but also become more productive in general. Many people keep their mailbox unorganized because they think they don’t have enough time to sort and delete unnecessary emails. However, they need to understand that investing a little time in arranging email messages will save a lot of time in the future. This is one of the biggest mistakes in email management you need to avoid to keep your mailbox under control. If you don’t want to organize your email account manually, you can always try an email management tool (check this) to help you sort your emails, unsubscribe from spam, block unwanted senders, and achieve Inbox Zero.

  1. Keeping The Subject Line Blank: This is another very common mistake done by many people while writing an email. Many people forget to fill up the subject line of the email or leave it blank thinking that it’s not necessary. But this is one of the biggest mistakes of email management as having a subject line is extremely important. Not only does it look professional but also gives the receiver of the email an idea about the content of the email and what message is expected inside. Many people simply mark an email important or not important based on the subject line. So if you do not fill up the subject like, it may be considered as a spam and might be ignored completely.
  1. Not Maintaining Professional Standards: As emails are mostly used for the official purpose it is extremely important that you maintain utmost professionalism while writing an email. It should be well written, structured properly and must be as per industry standards. If your writing is not up to the mark it creates a bad impression to the reader and you tend to damage the reputation of the company you are working for. If you are not confident about your writing or grammar there are several email management tools to improve your writing style. People always take work-related emails very seriously and that is why it is extremely important that your email is well-drafted maintaining a high level of professional standards.

  1. Lengthy & Not to The Point: Today in our professional world nobody has the time to read lengthy emails consisting of thousands of words. Instead while writing an email always try to be precise and to the point. In this way not only will you be able to convey your message to the right person easily but also save a lot of time which is wasted in reading an unnecessary lengthy email. So always try to be precise and to the point while writing an email.

Writing a well-crafted email is an art. Keep the above mentioned points in mind so that you can avoid doing the email management mistakes in the future.