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How Attorney Advertising Works In The Modern World

by William Gist

Attorney advertising is one of the few industries with an actual date of birth. On July 27, 1977, the US Supreme Court ruled that professional ethics rules that barred lawyers from advertising their services were unconstitutional. In the case of Bates vs. State Bar of Arizona, the court decided that lawyers have a right to advertise, and clients have a right to receive the information they need through those advertisements.

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Since then, law firm advertising ideas have been evolving dramatically. In the past, small law firm advertising was done on public benches, buses, and yellow pages. Magazines, local newspapers, and television spots were also widely used.

Although some of these options are still prevalent today, internet marketing has taken over, and much of small law firm advertising is now done through digital channels. Below is a discussion about what law firms advertising and marketing in the modern world entails, according to Prime funnel.


Despite the massive growth of online attorney advertising, referrals are still a popular law firm advertising idea. Most people seek legal services for very serious and life-changing issues. It could be criminal charges, serious injury, divorce, deportation, or financial problems.


Therefore, most people looking for legal services will naturally want to be sure that the lawyer they pick has what it takes to deliver.

Consequently, they are likely to believe word of mouth from people they can trust. Therefore, although attorneys are making massive investments in online law firm advertising services, they still rely on referrals to market their services.

Social Media Advertising

Today, people spend up to eight hours on the internet per day, and much of this time is spent on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. These sites have billions of active users. Therefore, the power of social media as a channel of legal advertising cannot be overlooked.

Although it is not easy to get instant conversions on social media sites in the short run, lawyers are using social media to create awareness with the right prospects. Besides, social media marketing is inexpensive and it can significantly lower law firm advertising costs

Legal Directories

Online legal directories are an essential source of information for people looking for legal services. The good thing about legal directories is that if a consumer finds you from the listing, you will know that they are looking for legal services that you offer. However, a law firm can struggle when it comes to motivating consumers to pick them over other law firms offering similar services.

To make the best law firm ads, it is wise to ensure that your listing is accurate. You also have to ensure that you are responsive to contacts generated from your listing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Per click has to do with paying prospects to visit your website. For your ad to be effective, it should have keywords that people seeking the legal services that you offer are likely to use when searching on the leading search engines. This attorney advertising technique allows you to display your best law firm ads next to the relevant searches.


However, thousands of attorneys will post similar ads. Therefore, there is much more that has to be done for search engines to rank your ad favorably. For instance, you have to ensure that your website has high-quality content, and it is search engine optimized. The good thing with Click pay-per-click is that you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad, and therefore, the budget is yours to decide.

Web Display Advertising

Web display ad is one of the most creative law firm marketing idea for law firms. They are also known as banners ads, and they come in a variety of sizes. Unlike paid search ads that appear on search results, banners ads appear on websites that are listed on the given result pages or the sites with content that is related to the services that you offer.


When using Google for display advertising, the ads will appear on websites within Google Display Network such as YouTube, blogs, and Gmail, among others.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although some older law firm advertising and marketing methods such as referrals and are still used by lawyers to get new clients, digital marketing is gradually taking over the industry.

Today, lawyers are taking advantage of the digital space to advertise their services. The main advantage of digital marketing is that it lowers law firm advertising costs in addition to open law firms to a world of unlimited potential.

If you would like to maximize your law firm potential, you can seek the services a law firm advertising agency to create the best law firm ads.